phone book in a sentence

Example sentences for phone book

Some of its workers, they maintain, find it easier to crib names from the phone book than to trawl around looking for real voters.
But with many millions and a phone book, you're getting somewhere.
He pointed to the phone book by the register, and after a minute the bartender had it open and held it out to the cowboy.
But always from the phone book to the street he went, and never to a doorstep.
Yet he is fastidiously, almost obsessively private-he lists himself in the phone book under a pseudonym.
How the addresses in the phone book have become exasperatingly inscrutable.
The sound of her voice is so overwhelming and so moving that she could sing the phone book and probably give it meaning.
No other arrests were made, even though police found the names of five officers in the phone book of a drug dealer.
Finding local restaurants is as easy as getting out the phone book or strolling down the street.
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