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Example sentences for phishing

One is to use its network to send out spam e-mail and phishing messages.
And when you get those e-mails that say friends are abroad and in dire need of money, a phishing scheme is to blame.
Phishing is also a growing problem on all smartphone platforms.
Networks are being used to send phishing e-mails and other spam.
He said users should be aware of potential e-mail phishing scams that might use that leaked personal data.
Web-based phishing criminals often use legitimate-looking bogus websites that are excellent copies of major financial firms.
Phishing filters are more crucial, and tend to be of great help to the less savvy web surfers.
Bots, the millions of compromised computers remotely controlled by crooks, are doing more than spreading spam and phishing.
Phishing involves the fraudulent acquisition and use of an individual's personal or financial information.
Phishing attacks involve the use of a specially crafted email and/or a web site to obtain sensitive information.
Phishing refers to use of deceptive computer-based means to trick individuals into disclosing sensitive personal information.
Phishing is the act of sending an email to someone while falsely claiming to be a legitimate business.
Consequently, government agencies and private organizations could become recipients of socially engineered spear-phishing emails.
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