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It is therefore not only a poetical license, but also philosophically correct, when beauty is named our second creator.
He considers himself spiritual and, his new biotech business notwithstanding, philosophically opposed to vivisection.
Kaplan smiled philosophically, took his handkerchief from his pock- et, and wiped considerable perspiration.
Trees are attractive objects in that they enable people to think philosophically and appreciate aesthetically.
It can be a smart loss mitigation strategy, even if philosophically repugnant.
Philosophically, it is incoherent, fundamentally incoherent.
His books are so philosophically sophisticated, and so funny.
Lasting global peace is achieved within a single year by common mission and no longer merely observed philosophically.
Philosophically, the concept of quantum entanglement might seem to be applicable in explaining remote information sharing.
It is an intellectual's fantasy, a flight purely of the imagination, one philosophically as old as the hills.
But living fossils are a tricky topic philosophically.
Sounds similar to logical positivism to me--a philosophically bankrupt perspective that died out decades ago.
The question raised by the article is problematic, philosophically speaking.
Philosophically, the ultimate goal of humanity is to be happy.
Think of practice as an effect of something philosophically deeper.
Philosophically it matters as much as anything else.
Less philosophically, the legal fines attached to environmental regulations are a mighty motivator.
Whether these falsifications were philosophically important is another matter.
Indeed he suffers from several problems when attempting to reason philosophically.
There is nothing either historically or philosophically to suggest such an interpretation.
The judgment is philosophically ignorant and practically almost pointless.
Best of all, there is no philosophically untidy revenue sharing, so the rich teams may remain safely rich.
The search, for all that, is always philosophically rewarding and consistently rich in argument.
The separation between emotion and reason is wrong, both factually and philosophically.
It is possible to argue this debate too cutely and too philosophically.
Thought is what precedes the intention of communicating, it dwells on a plane different from that of language, philosophically.
Photojournalism throws everything that's philosophically complicated about photography into relief.
Philosophically and theologically, both are fighting the last war.
It was a shocking but philosophically satisfying theory to me then.
Woo beliefs are fundamentally, philosophically, about narcissism.
It is idealistic and philosophically consistent to say that it is value-free, but it is also naive.
The primary claim is that science and religion are somehow inherently or philosophically incompatible.
Moreover, no court can settle whether religion of some kind really is philosophically compatible with scientific findings.
Philosophically, astronomical surveys are contradictory.
Evolutionary thinking is not politically, philosophically, or even theologically prescriptive.
Writing philosophically about your own felonious behavior, to a college admissions board, might be considered a bold gesture.
It's my view that the continuum outlook makes sense philosophically and morally and that the bright-line outlook does as well.
Philosophically, police are actually incompatible with the concept of a free society.
The current emphasis on punishment rather than prevention and rehabilitation is neither philosophically sound nor effective.
Surveys theoretically or philosophically based, practice-based, and specialty-relevant approaches.
The simplicity of the style made it practical, but it was philosophically attractive also.
The training procedures are philosophically based on social exchange theory.
Many selections justify philosophically and psychologically the formation of alternatives.

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