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The deities who reside in the palace embody philosophical views and serve as role models.
We need a new system of moral and philosophical thought.
We always look at it from a respectful point of view and also from our core philosophical point of view.
I'm not sure it can be answered by science, but I do not wish to stray into spiritual or philosophical matters.
He's philosophical about the experience, expressing the spirit of the sanctuary.
By the way, the heart of the dispute here is philosophical.
Perhaps you had to be there, or at least know a fair bit of philosophical gossip.
It's at turns wistful and funny, violent and philosophical, mystical and sad.
Professor Ginsberg's approach is historical, philosophical and concrete.
It comes down to a philosophical question.
Certainly our gallery visitors don't want to get into a deep philosophical discussion with a cranky curmudgeon.
Again, this trait has threatened the more philosophical lyricism of his music as an art form.
We grappled with philosophical, cultural and gender differences.
The culmination of the molecular paradigm in biology actually brings about a deep philosophical restructuring of the field.
So the author's discussion at the end makes me fear for the sanity of current philosophical thinking.
Some critics, though, are unconcerned with philosophical debates about what scientists should or shouldn't do.
The product they actually traffic in is amusing philosophical speculations.
Free will is a philosophical construct thought up with no reference whatsoever to the relevant physical reality, namely the brain.
Some philosophical wisdom is required to understand purely physical concepts.
We must progress, however, the human race is about mechanical progress without matching it with philosophical progress.
There are many excellent books about the history and the philosophical underpinnings of quantum mechanics.
The defect in this entire thing is so philosophical.
On the other hand, he was prone to exaggerate technical blemishes and to underestimate ethical and philosophical significance.
There is no philosophical science of therapy which could be made practicable for your medical purpose.
But if you'll allow me a little philosophical blathering, it could be fun.
But that doesn't negate his talent for mixing philosophical heft with orbital bombardment.
The theory of computation has had a profound influence on philosophical thinking.
Don't fight philosophical differences between motion and still photography.
And that's a philosophical point of view rather than a physical argument.
The multiversity is a congeries of enterprises with no philosophical center.
No one will know whether you're an existentialist, a nihilist, or some new sort of philosophical wonder not yet named.
As you write your own, balance general philosophical statements with specifics.
At the same time, they also became philosophical subjects of inquiry.
Nevertheless, he died largely unknown to the philosophical world.
If it is a question about the state of philosophical debate on the morals of war, the answer is yes.
But there is also a philosophical lesson: minerals are a country's long-term inheritance.
In other words, emerging markets have adopted different policies, as well as ignoring the rich world's philosophical agonising.
He belittles his large philosophical gifts, finds publication an agony and worries to correspondents that his work is rot.
Much of the philosophical side of the study of consciousness seeks either to explain qualia or to explain them away.
Taken together, the building and the shows make for lively philosophical trouble.
Philosophical squibs on the vagaries of contemporary life.
In them, she puts her mind to big philosophical questions.
Having a dog is somehow this weird philosophical thing that teaches you that nothing counts in life except warmth and energy.
On this level, as a novel of ideas, the book is an ambitious exploration of the philosophical problem of evil.
Please tell me that's a philosophical riddle you'll be exploring in your next movie.
The problem seemed to stem from a lack of skepticism, or of philosophical distance from themselves.
It is a philosophical quarrel that will never be resolved.
At the age of twenty-six he was already guided by his philosophical leanings as well as by his keen intuition.
They expected something closer to philosophical wisdom.
It is really an uplifting form of philosophical indifference.
It has a decided interest here as being closely related to some of his later philosophical generalizations.
Not any particular philosophical truth, but the truth of experience: felt life.
Aging players, knowing their days on the court are numbered, tend to be philosophical about what the game has given them.
We were entering the second part of the century: high time to become philosophical, as centuries in their fifties start to be.
And underlying all these policy positions is a shared philosophical commitment to individual autonomy as a core political value.
It is not, she pointed out, simply a philosophical difference.
No theory of suicide, no philosophical discourses on the subject are quite so revelatory as these words.
The disagreement is all about deep philosophical foundations.
To avoid divisive dead-end arguments, the cafes frequently turn current events into broader philosophical questions.
Treatment options are still in the experimental stages, and are not free of philosophical critics.
There is, however, one major philosophical objection to this approach.
She resists rhetorical flourishes and sweeping philosophical statements.
There is a legitimate philosophical difference here, and it involves the difference between voluntarism and service.
He pierced through the sham of philosophical logic as a replacement for devalued epistemology.
Mathematics has never since been a subject for such philosophical levity.
In a moment of philosophical honesty, however, the authors of the brief make an important concession.
He talks about real people and their problems, not about philosophical abstractions.
He sulks, sucking his paws and glaring at those who don't share his political and philosophical quirks.
Inevitability is a philosophical question not susceptible to historical proof.
His point is a philosophical rather than a scientific one.
Depending on the angle and the hour, he can be seen as courtly or brusque, philosophical or funny.
Friends help you solve great philosophical questions.

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