philandering in a sentence

Example sentences for philandering

The same is largely true of the old rake's notorious philandering.
Many also admire her for holding together a family that includes a philandering husband.
Plummer has hated her philandering husband for years and wanted to leave him.
Soon enough, the new bride is expecting, and her philandering husband repents.
When a philandering father gives him his wedding ring, a writer revels in its power and what it means for his own life.
Or it was ribald, recalling the philandering that drove him out of the race last spring.
He marries again, but when he is caught philandering, she dumps him.
Their philandering has come in various guises and with various degrees of legitimacy.
Her philandering husband had abused and humiliated her to the breaking point.
She maintains they are happily married despite his philandering, but has admitted once throwing an ax at him.

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The squabbles of philandering Zeus and shrewish Hera are the Greeks' comment on married life.... more
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