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Two people with the same genetic variant can and do have different triggers that shape differential expressions as phenotype.
The kids sample yards across the state, collect plant phenotype data, and submit data to a common pool.
Variations in phenotype come potentially from the combined variations in genotype and in environment.
Thus, the evolution of this phenotype was contingent on the particular history of that population.
Not surprisingly the this individual will express an intermediate phenotype.
We're not claiming that we're the first to observe this phenotype.
Maybe it would help if there was a space for experts to discuss topics phenotype-blind and anonymous.
It is the proportion of phenotype variability that can be attributed to additive genetic variation.
There's a lot of evolutionary psychological models for why this phenotype is adaptive, but that's not relevant to us here.
Her father's ancestry in particular doesn't make sense in light of the phenotype she's attributing to him.
The other element which may play a role is simply phenotype.
Genes code for processes which in response to the environment generate a phenotype.
Genes that don't don't affect phenotype can't be filtered.
Other populations found different pathways to the same phenotype.
The doctor has admitted that his eyes light up when he comes across a phenotype that is new, another entry for the catalog.
The limiting factor even for phenotype altering mutations is that they don't decrease fitness.
Each environmental effect explains such a small portion of the variation in the phenotype that many may never be identified.

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