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Actually they are fundamentally different phenomena.
Each one of these phenomena is physically impossible.
Two political phenomena are shaping this election.
We also need to provide sound, proven explanations for phenomena that are only potentially evolutionary in origin.
His goal, he says, is to apply scientific methods to learn about such phenomena.
It sheds new light on a misunderstood phenomena.
Yet these are all phenomena of electromagnetic radiation.
Just watching objective phenomena is like a cat playing with a string.
All of these things are now cultural phenomena.
Sometimes it reduces intricate phenomena to simplistic soundbites.
Kids of all ages can experience scientific phenomena through these curiosity-inspiring, hands-on exhibits.
The proposed building, when it has been erected will offer to contemplation some rather remarkable phenomena.
Similar researches on other aspects of mental phenomena also reveal a definite correlation to brain activity.
Each annual phenomena is reminiscence and prompting.
Add in methods for controlling hurricanes, tornadoes, and other destructive natural phenomena.
But they are essential to create computer models of complex phenomena.
When those phenomena disappear, then you can worry about being judged on your merits.
The result is a plethora of fresh ways of studying phenomena, each conditioned by a different cultural history and narrative.
But historically, social sciences tried to apply the scientific method to the study of social phenomena.
What shocked me was the herd phenomena of ordinary people who followed them blindly.
The collected results reveal personal obsessions and material phenomena.
These phenomena persist solely because someone has found them to be useful in separating fools from their money.
The tidal phenomena which followed this convulsion are particularly interesting.
One: human beings come into the world with a predisposition to believe in supernatural phenomena.
And even if they admit that, they will still inquire into the order of the phenomena, into the form of the miracle.
Dunlap does what a good essayist should do: he makes his reader see familiar phenomena in a new light.
Some phenomena have an irreducible complexity that will defeat any big-idea effort at simplification.
Rather, he said, start with such an unbiased description of phenomena.
The phenomena that attended it were both singular and impressive.
But the study explained the effect with graphs, and stories only described a phenomena for which words aren't enough.
Of all the weather phenomena in the world, the unpredictable, violent and telegenic tornado commands special attention.
But no single scheme seems sufficient to cover all the observed phenomena.
Dark flow was named in a nod to dark energy and dark matter-two other unexplained astrophysical phenomena.
Emotions are incredibly important psychological phenomena.
By measuring the jets, the researchers were able to find many of the stars that had created the phenomena.
But only one was observed with modern-day astronomical equipment, limiting the amount of data scientists have about the phenomena.
From white dwarfs to space junk, our solar system is filled with mysterious and often mind-blowing phenomena.
The atmospheric phenomena can be seen globally in any season-and even on other worlds.
While the results of rain-on-snow events are clear, many of the details about why and how the phenomena form remain an enigma.
Two phenomena appear to be pushing the evolving art.
Other phenomena, such as rocket launches, can set the stage for night-shining clouds.
Our solar system is filled with mysterious and often mind-blowing phenomena.
Newton founded this law upon a great variety of different natural phenomena.
In the second place, he wished to relate economic principles and phenomena to his own social ideals and social philosophy.
They all, in various ways, showed the various phenomena of the temperament.
In this light the familiar phenomena of our daily experience acquire an historical interest and dignity.
But it represented a fixed and settled habit of mind, and is only one example of a long series of similar phenomena.
There was nothing cruel about crouching in a shelter and letting phenomena slide by: it was ecstasy.
But this leads to two other phenomena, which physicists have hitherto been unable to explain.
Amid the increasing frequency of insider trading phenomena, an alternative approach should be considered.
Normally, patents are not granted for naturally occurring phenomena or laws of nature.
Some anomalies can be explained by variations of both phenomena.
Economists differ on how much non-monetary phenomena, such as closer trade integration, affect the inflation process.
Moreover, previous attempts to show a link have come up with a much weaker correlation between the two phenomena.
Most crises result from abstraction of economic phenomena from reality.
It may well be that this is not scientific but it allows us to think more clearly about those complex phenomena.
There is also the enticing prospect of discovering wholly new phenomena.
Scientists have been looking for a unification theory that will explain a number of phenomena.
The risks of letting any method, rather than the phenomena themselves, dictate research questions are obvious.
One of the phenomena predicted by this principle is called quantum tunnelling.
Half cannot draw inferences from what they read, or give any scientific explanation for familiar phenomena.
Those engineers may be compared with the mainstream economists, who don't understand the real kinetics of macroeconomic phenomena.
Sometimes, this brings brilliant contributions to the comprehension of the historical phenomena.
Each of these phenomena would be bad enough on its own, but all appear to be linked, usually synergistically.
They point to the frivolity of phenomena such as overseas stag weekends.
All of these phenomena are merely materialized representations of power, not globalisation.
The poorest build and live in areas that become mortal traps when weather or geological phenomena strike.
The execution of witches, for example, was impossible to justify once mankind took a scientific approach to natural phenomena.
Their goal: to construct a more detailed and accurate picture of how atomic-scale interactions shape big-world phenomena.
Satellites soon to launch will measure surface winds and other phenomena.
Geologists have long puzzled over anecdotal reports of strange atmospheric phenomena in the days before big earthquakes.
That's to be expected if the anecdotal evidence is anything to go by but they find some more interesting phenomena too.
Their basic conjecture is that life is an emergent phenomena that occurs in systems that are far out of equilibrium.
They don't care why these phenomena exist in the fashion that they do.
It takes considerable electromagnetic field strength to extract sufficient electrons for this phenomena.
If scientists don't know, how to explain new phenomena, they introduce a new theory.
At a slightly higher level, bees and ants demonstrate this phenomena.
These are all phenomena that make people consciously unhappy.
In fact, there is not a single area of modern science that can actually account for observed phenomena.
The characteristics of the next wave of consumerism are already discernible in intangible social media phenomena.
Certainly, there is no more important intellectual task than the explanation of these oppressive human phenomena.
There have frequently been phenomena that seemed utterly mysterious but that eventually received an explanation.
Many of the examples chosen will involve economic phenomena.
Theories such as these, which give a realistic description of quantum phenomena, are called hidden variables theories.
But these phenomena can also take place on less exalted levels.
So therefore you can't predict human affairs in the same way as you can natural phenomena.
As a next step ask students to think of different natural phenomena that could be modelled by their little dance.
Power and violence, though they are distinct phenomena, usually appear together.
Physicists often simplify or idealize phenomena to make them more amenable to an initial mathematical treatment.
And he uncovered countless intriguing phenomena of language itself.
To study these bizarre phenomena, physicists keep pushing for ever-lower temperatures.
To a scientist, nothing is more troubling--or exciting--than a diversity of phenomena without a unifying cause.
The collisions are expected to create new, never-before-known particles and other phenomena.
These are all natural, physical phenomena, and they all apply potential selection pressures.
Such phenomena have never been investigated in animal species other than our own.
While these similarity transformations capture some basic properties of plasmas, not all plasma phenomena scale in this way.
But that approximate description seems extremely valid and useful, including all of the phenomena in the observable universe.
Research reported today has traced two familiar mental phenomena to specific locations in the brain.
Dark energy and dark matter describe proposed solutions to as yet unresolved gravitational phenomena.
Metaphors are often used in science to understand difficult and counterintuitive phenomena.
But a pipeline of new molecular drugs targeting so-called epigenetic phenomena could change that.
Eleven additional particles suffice to describe all the esoteric phenomena studied by particle physicists.
They explain violent celestial phenomena that no other body can.
Underlying this interesting story is that at one time it was possible to look up at the sky and see such phenomena.
Those materials exhibit phenomena that are simple to describe yet cannot be explained by any known metal physics.
Such phenomena include alternative splicing, in which a single gene can give rise to two or more different proteins.
If these phenomena are real, it would be good looking for the material or energy basis of them.
Many phenomena influence obliquity over a planet's history.
One of the defining phenomena of our age is migration.
But no new freestanding scientific principles are needed to understand these phenomena.
Movie phenomena are supposed to occur once in a blue moon, or a new one.
Here are five phenomena that captivated the media for a spell, then turned out to be less than huge.
Part of her phenomena is a tendency to anthropomorphize things and give them feelings.

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