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Is this a phase?
At this point it is finalizing a business plan and is preparing to focus the next phase--its exit from Chapter 11.
In this phase of investigation, we were for the first time looking for evidence of the drug's efficacy.
Globalisation is entering a new phase, with emerging-market companies now competing furiously against rich-country ones.
In its first year it was a phase, then it became a definite trend.
Similarly, all little boys go through a pirate phase.
We are in a part of the warming phase of the natural cycle.
After the Plinian stage of the eruption, the pyroclastic phase began.
Until the matter is gone into at length it will be impossible to discuss any phase of it with exactness.
This phase of taxation will be discussed under the two categories of corporations and individual and partnership entities.
One lingered long among the dynamos, for they were new, and they gave to history a new phase.
The study, which began last fall, is now in its third and final semester and is in the data-collection phase.
There have been a few bumps in the road during the pilot phase.
Be grateful if your committee is tough on you during the design and proposal-writing phase.
Many students make those self-discoveries during the dissertation phase, but the insights can take a while to sink in.
Students need to progress through that phase in order to get out into the world and have a thought of their own.
It takes about two sets of papers in the first phase of distribution for the students' to fear to go away.
Only realistic and fair language requirements will secure a successful study phase abroad.
Walking students step-by-step through the process will help them in the next phase of the lesson.
But locusts have another behavioral phase called the gregarious phase.
The moon's phase can also be different during each apogee and perigee.
At about eight billion years old, the star is now in the red giant stage, a late phase of stellar evolution in sunlike stars.
These impactors were rocky objects left over from our solar system's planet-formation phase.
Reactive power is produced when the current and voltage are out of phase.
The sign was altered, however, in the second building phase.
Their unlikely weapons in this initial phase of the campaign: tobacco, honeybees, and domestic animals.
Many of the logistical problems that had hampered the earliest phase of the response were being resolved.
No matter who wins the election, the economy has undeniably entered a new phase.
It is often said that denial is the last phase of any genocide.
The new plant was supposed to be the first phase of a rapid expansion of the company.
We will remind you when a new debate is about to start and when each phase of a debate begins.
Lenders to the industry are now firmly in the regret phase.
And the barriers to growth become bigger as economies enter the difficult middle-income phase of development.
But even the plan's first phase, which is only half-funded, faces hurdles.
What the world has yet to see is a phase when this benign cycle goes dramatically into reverse.
The village was the first phase in the planned redevelopment of a former industrial site.
The operation itself can be considered phase one of the scandal, and it has since ended.
If you were to lock in one phase, you would not see this pattern.
Space itself could even go through phase changes, depending on its local environment.
In another phase of testing, the animals were placed in a chamber where they received mild shocks.
The gas phase of water is called water vapor, or steam, and it is hotter than liquid water.
Although interference can cancel out amplitude noise, it does nothing for phase noise.
Ban trawling now, and eventually phase out hunting fish altogether, it's evolution.
When a flock turns in unison, it's a phase transition.
The eddies distort the phase of the light in that picture.
That's supposed to keep costs down before any prototypes go to the manufacturing phase.
There are better ways for countries to make the transition from one phase of existence to another.
During the self-reinforcing phase participants are under the spell of the prevailing bias.
The device is still in an early phase of development, with the first animal trials starting later this year.
Its completed commercial phase has also earned, you guessed it, a platinum rating.
In the second phase, the investigators moved the items around to make the green-labeled products more visible and accessible.
The conflict then settled into a quiescent phase for several years.
The third phase is the crisis of long-term unemployment.
Together they have also put air travel distinctly out of phase with the evolution of the modern economy as a whole.
Now, we're on to the searing and increasing hatred phase.
Without getting into too much detail, the average speed of molecular motion determines a substance's phase.
But this will still not be immortality, and perfecting the human body is a phase in a much larger transformation.
We'll probably need a phase transition of some sort to change that situation dramatically.
He points out that humans, through global warming, are subtly bringing about a new phase of evolution.
With the first phase of research finally finished, the group has decided to launch a fusillade of papers to scientific journals.
Rather, it was a valuable and necessary phase in the development of modern chemistry.
During the acupuncture phase, some showed an increase in activity, while others showed a decrease.
Ice-nine was a satirical invention, but an abrupt, disastrous phase transition is a possibility.
Her studies probe the mysteries of phase transitions, changes from one state of matter to another.
Tell him the date you were born, and he'll tell you the phase of the moon and the day of the week in under two seconds.
And the problem is that there is no reliable protocol either to diagnose during the asymptomatic phase.
Of course, that phase of understanding might be a temporary one, depending on the future progress of theory and experiment.
Tiny phase-change wires could serve as a key element in next-generation memory.
The first phase starts at the top of the swing and involves impulsive acceleration of the hands and club.
In the process, the signal is put back together, but with its phase altered.
The light reflecting off the oil is slightly out of phase with the light reflecting from the water.
As a result, the brace reduces the human effort required at the end of the swing phase.
Atom interferometry measures the phase change caused by the difference in two trajectories of an atom in space.
Almost all the computation in sensory processing should occur during the learning phase.
However, this behaviour seems to undergo a phase transition to a more disordered state when crowd crush develops.
When early on the research phase, they'd have to figure out what it is that would likely be commercialized.
Later-phase trials will test to see if the drug actually works in diabetics.
There are several companies that have solved this problem and are waiting for funds to going into the production phase.
But, those sorts of problems are addressed in the engineering phase.
Statistical laws of gas dynamics is certainly valid until is changed the phase state.
In this phase, people make quick changes in their diet and physical activity habits.
The physics involved in moving that much water through multiple phase changes and over continental distances are immense.
You're entering a lucrative phase, but stick to your blueprints.
Then there was the dreaded disco phase, in which they were fellow travelers.
Following a brief gesture toward peace the fight entered a new and fiercer phase fortnight ago.
The cost-cutting boosted earnings and fueled the firm's next phase--diversification.
So we'll move along to the next phase: proof of the video's popularity.

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