pharmacology in a sentence

Example sentences for pharmacology

Encouraging the view that smoked plants are acceptable forms of medication harkens a return to pre-scientific pharmacology.
But advances in neurology, and especially in pharmacology, have called such therapy into question.
It seems you are not too familiar with organic chemical synthesis and pharmacology.
My interest in pharmacology has spawned a personal museum of mortars, pestles and old medicine bottles.
Each species of bacteria may have unique biochemistry that might be of interest in agriculture or pharmacology.
She is planning to go on to graduate school to study pharmacology and medicinal plant research.
Pharmacology is fiercely, if somewhat belatedly, at work hunting new antimicrobial strategies.
There is much psychobabble and almost no discussion of pharmacology.
He was able to help patients control their asthma and other severe chronic allergies with minimal to no pharmacology.
It would also improve the amount and quality of clinical research in botanical pharmacology.
From gruesome ancient rituals to modern pharmacology, mankind had been trying to discover what's really going on inside our heads.
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