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Pharmaceutical companies research hundreds of molecular groups before coming up with a marketable drug.
Pharmaceutical companies have a financial incentive to find a single drug that would beat a disease.
Now pharmaceutical firms are beginning to careen off the patent cliff.
Some of my animal buddies are on medications owned by cruel pharmaceutical companies who did do research that harmed animals.
For some time there has been a continuing scandal over ghostwriting by pharmaceutical companies.
Once the drugs are on the list, pharmaceutical companies encourage the doctors to prescribe them.
But she saves some of her energy for her job in pharmaceutical sales.
Regulatory approval is always a crapshoot, but pharmaceutical reruns have better odds than new compounds.
Students could also visit a local nature preserve, a medical lab or pharmaceutical manufacturer.
The sound of pharmaceutical innovation going down the drain.
As blockbuster drugs go off patent, the pharmaceutical industry is scrambling for fresh revenue sources.
The result: a simple, surefire way to detect impurities in pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies.
In their fight against generics, big pharmaceutical companies are covering part of patients' co-payment for their drugs.
There's also a number of biotech, pharmaceutical and software companies in the area.
Pharmaceutical firms are making few new antibiotics of any type these days.
She currently covers the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
Large pharmaceutical firms are not much interested in designing products for such small markets.
The settlement was the largest yet in a wave of cases brought against pharmaceutical companies for illegal marketing of drugs.
These trials test anti-poverty remedies much as pharmaceutical firms test drugs.
Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies do not have drugs in the pipeline to combat the new bug strains.
The pharmaceutical industry says it was not involved.
Then they obtained logs from one of the servers that power the illegal pharmaceutical sites.
Pharmaceutical companies have a right to recoup research and development costs and to a profit on the drugs they develop.
After all, the government owns far less of the banking and pharmaceutical sectors than of the education sector.
Nobody had ever used spray drying to make small particles in the pharmaceutical business.
The government has also been successful in luring multinational pharmaceutical companies.
In that sense the pharmaceutical situation seems to support the stagnation thesis.
Someday science may find a pharmaceutical answer to weight gain.
Before pharmaceutical company marketers call on a doctor, they do their homework.
The science has come from the world's pharmaceutical companies, which leapt on the problem.
Pharmaceutical companies are not devoting their labs to the study of the whole plant because the plant cannot be patented.
The stiff increases in pharmaceutical prices in the past two decades have made counterfeiting economically attractive.
People with depression encounter a lot of pharmaceutical frustration.
Pharmaceutical companies have expressed interest in the chips but are proceeding with caution.
Pharmaceutical companies have profited from medicines derived from spiders.
But it could transform the future of computers, especially in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.
Virtually every major pharmaceutical company had tested drugs with the company.
The fruit is also rich in micronutrients that scientists find impossible to duplicate or synthesize for pharmaceutical use.
The meeting was free, its costs underwritten by pharmaceutical companies, which had set up marketing booths in the entryway.
Even the pharmaceutical industry's best products are imperfect, working in only half-or fewer-patients.
There were no greedy pharmaceutical companies, evil health insurers, or other popular villains in his particular tragedy.
For those demanding to know why pharmaceutical firms are so profitable, this is why.
Microbes vanquished for decades are slowly mutating to resist our pharmaceutical defenses.
For one, they can provide an intermediate step between pharmaceutical tests on animals and those on people.
Once the pharmaceutical industry created a synthetic version of human leptin, clinical trials were begun.
Our pharmaceutical drugs are turning up in the environment and in animals.
It would, of course, greatly increase revenue for the pharmaceutical companies.
The other choice was working for a pharmaceutical company.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies received special favors.
The pharmaceutical industry consolidated through hundreds of mergers and acquisitions.
They might also open up new avenues of discovery in materials science, fuel synthesis, and pharmaceutical research.
And a few pharmaceutical companies believe that number is poised to grow.
One case involved a group suspected of illegally selling pharmaceutical products and narcotics.
Whether it's the film business or the pharmaceutical business or the beer business, or the people who make twisty ties.
Such smart pills could also help pharmaceutical companies test new drugs.
The second is an unnamed major pharmaceutical company.
It's because of such actions that pharmaceutical research is experiencing the pullback in funding that is going on right now.
Pharmaceutical companies will fight this tooth and nail.
If controlled substance testing was against the law there wouldn't be any pharmaceutical drugs.
The pharmaceutical companies aren't dumping their products in the river.
One attendee mentioned trips to pharmaceutical labs as a means of demystifying the industry.
Of course, the pharmaceutical companies aren't interested.
Research and manufacturing of medication is paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.
Its pharmaceutical properties are indisputable but largely ignored.
That's about one-sixth the total revenue for the entire global pharmaceutical industry.
Home births are bad for business, both among obstetricians and pharmaceutical companies.
The pharmaceutical industry has taken its place right into your head.
What might be good for a pharmaceutical firm trying to restore consumers' trust could be damaging for a hedge-fund manager.
The pharmaceutical industry lobbied on the administration's side-once it was told its interests would be protected.
The region has flourishing biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries that are strongly supported by the state government.
In addition, there is the pharmaceutical industry's relentless advertising.
But see if the two of you can see his doctor together to discuss pharmaceutical options.
Bloggers accused pharmaceutical companies of intentionally concocting the virus in order to sell vaccines.

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