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Pharaohs usually hear the voice of the nation when it is too late.
The same chemical drove off three different species of ants, including the widespread pharaohs.
They were serfs indentured to a new generation of pharaohs.
There have been many refinements since the pharaohs in methods of inducing physical and mental pain.
Initially, so he claims, he was inspired by a book showing portrait busts of the pharaohs.
Politicians have tried to be portrayed as positively as possible since the days of the pharaohs.
Salt damage threatens the monuments of the pharaohs.
There are some secrets of the pharaohs, however, that can be revealed only by studying their mummies.
Experts offer some clues to the construction of the pyramids and the lives and deaths of the pharaohs.
To remedy this, the dead pharaohs were buried with everything that they would need in the afterlife.
Tourists can trek across the dunes to hidden towns deep in the desert or explore the dusty tombs of ancient pharaohs.
Statues of gods and pharaohs mingle amid looming columns, while hieroglyphics and storytelling artwork blanket the walls.
The temples were large, sprawling buildings to which successive pharaohs would add their own places of worship.
Identify significant pharaohs and their achievements.
Add sugar or honey, and you have a tasty delicacy suitable for the dainty digestion of pharaohs and their princesses.
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