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Example sentences for phantom

For the general public the distinction between a ghost and phantom is a murky one.
Thus, the dreaded phantom of swamping by large retailers, is a figment of political imagination.
The result is a phantom service billed at the same inconspicuous amount every month to the credit card bill.
For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
Distraction appears to be an effective technique to avoid the phantom noise of tinnitus.
Attempts at control are doomed to failure unless the phantom lawyer in every consulting room is exorcised for ever.
To me this sounds much more logical than being tickled by a phantom flailing faller.
He points out that plenty of research has been done into another kind of bodily illusion, phantom limbs.
And when the slap connected with his wet cheek, the loud clap stung my face in a phantom sort of way.
Politicians reacting to that inequality would be targeting a phantom.
By the same token, this is a good time to reconsider the hasty verdict of failure that many attached to this phantom movement.
Pilots must learn to believe them, even though their bodies may have invented phantom turns.
Amputees often experience pain in a limb that no longer exist, ie purely phantom pain.
Once a suicide bomber has completed his mission he at once becomes a phantom celebrity.
It unfurled almost entirely in the phantom zone where fantasy and virtual reality overlap.
Clerical errors in cash for clunkers spare phantom exotics.
The only mishap was an after-checkout phantom charge of items from the mini-bar.
Inclusive fitness turns out to be a phantom measure that cannot be obtained.

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