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Petroleum jelly is a semisolid mixture of fat-based substances made from petroleum.
Try a little petroleum jelly on the tip of your nose, ear lobes, and lips.
For much of this series, the trade deficit and the deficit less petroleum move in tandem.
But discoveries of huge petroleum deposits kept gasoline and diesel cheap for decades, and biofuels were largely forgotten.
Plant-based plastics are beginning to replace petroleum.
Today, the state is the base for the nation's large, nationally owned petroleum industry.
Don't confuse it with synthetic latex, which is derived from petroleum.
Vaporizing sawdust and corn stalks yields a versatile petroleum stand-in called bio-oil.
There are multiple theories of petroleum origin, none absolutely certain.
For much of the previous decade, the petroleum deficit hovered at a level around a third of the total trade deficit.
Petroleum is a hidden ingredient in hundreds of daily household items, including chewing gum.
Advances in biotechnology are limiting the damage oil spills inflict, as scientists supercharge bacteria to devour petroleum.
However, extracting and refining their petroleum is highly polluting.
The scientists are using techniques borrowed from the petroleum industry, but they're not searching for oil.
History took notice-the largest petroleum storage tank fire in the world was overcome.
Heavier fractions contain more sulfur, and too much renders the petroleum useless.
The message is nothing but an urban legend, say representatives from the wireless and petroleum industries.
The convenient storage of petroleum fuels combined with its low cost has led to an unrivaled success.
Rare earths are used in automotive catalytic converters and for refining petroleum products.
Petroleum gave us the population bubble, and petroleum will burst the bubble.
And then, as the petroleum market stabilized, sales waned.
They were, it was true, almost entirely made of petroleum in some form or another.
The team found that the top and bottom sections of the core were clear of petroleum residue.
Even the blasting agents are all made from petroleum.
Staff members said extraction of petroleum did not significantly contribute to indirect land-use changes.
All cars and trucks are required to be petroleum guzzlers.
The machinery to plant and harvest the food runs on petroleum.
It's not written in stone that humanity has to propel itself with petroleum alone.
Whale oil was as highly prized then as petroleum is today.
The wraps for the cookies were made with soy wax, not petroleum wax.
Also, an added benefit of paper over petroleum-based plastic is its biodegradability.
Second, this vast optimized system relies completely on one convenient source of energy-petroleum.
Their diligent digging is helping release trapped petroleum--which appears to be sickening them.
Nothing worse for you than petroleum, sugar and red meat.
That's set by the people who are buying and selling actual barrels of petroleum.
Now, with the emergence of electric cars, lithium could challenge petroleum as the dominant fuel of the future.
Hydrogen cars and their promise of a zero-emission, petroleum-free future are no longer the stuff of science fiction.
Cheap petroleum imports is a drain on the current account and trade balance.
Local critics have accused the all-powerful petroleum ministry of committing too much for export at prices that are too low.
It hopes to follow with contracts for petroleum, grains and every other commodity that can be imagined.
Even better, a good part of this will be driven by medium-sized companies in non-petroleum economies.
Neither is the supply of critical resources, including and especially petroleum, particularly elastic in the short to medium run.
Most manufactured goods and petroleum products must be imported.
Organic material, including petroleum, is a large potential source of energy.
Tell students that oil is used for fuel but also to make petroleum and plastics.
Conventional fertilizers are commonly derived from petroleum.
The fluctuating economy is based on agriculture-particularly market gardening of vegetables-as well as phosphates and petroleum.
They're collecting little parts and parcels of petroleum their whole life if they're exposed to it their whole life.
To fund it, legislators levied a tax on chemical and petroleum industries to finance cleanup of toxic dumps nationwide.
Most plastic is petroleum-based, which does not biodegrade.
Insecticidal soaps, petroleum-based oils and sulfur also control insect pests.
Artificial trees, he noted, consume significant energy and petroleum-based materials during their manufacture.
And it has struggled to buy refined petroleum and the goods it needs to modernize its oil and gas sector.
He said that the threat to polar bears did not come from the petroleum industry.
The group has the remarkable and useful ability to break down a range of contaminating chemicals, such as petroleum compounds.
One of the biggest differences between water and an oily liquid such as octane, a component of petroleum, is surface tension.
But the smallest minority of all smiled grimly and rubbed more petroleum jelly on the blast-door gaskets.
By genetically engineering bacteria and yeast, they were able to convert fatty acids into petroleum replacement products.
All of their manufacturing tech was centered around petroleum.
The primary difference is that houses contain lots of industrial chemicals based on petroleum products.
If it weren't for that pesky climate-change problem, petroleum would remain a great source of power.
Environmentalists fret about the petroleum needed to make it.
The ship will not, however, be carrying oil or petroleum.
Methane-based fuels could be significantly cleaner than petroleum ones.
The potential of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to curb petroleum use has grabbed a lot of attention lately.
New fuels, on the other hand, must compete in price with petroleum.
Let's hear about those subsidies to coal and petroleum.
The other small problem with hydrogen is that it comes from natural gas or petroleum products.
Learn how to file a complaint regarding petroleum and motor fuel.
Refined petroleum products are derived from crude oils through processes such as catalytic cracking and fractional distillation.
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