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Example sentences for petrol

On a petrol-sipping motorcycle, you're always outside.
Anything over that and the petrol expands, meaning you get even less in your tank for the price.
It will achieve nothing useful for your petrol consumption.
Petrol was more convenient, but today is getting scarce.
Gliding off down the fast lane in a sports car, stopping to fill up with thirty litres of petrol.
Buying car without batteries and lease them charged at petrol stations.
People are wasting hours stuck in traffic jams, wasting petrol and contributing to the air pollution.
Its chief use in industry is to regenerate the catalysts used in the refining of petrol.
The amount of heat you get from burning a litre of ethanol is a third less than that from a litre of petrol.
As a result more drivers were faced with paying closer to the true costs of their petrol use.
One played the part of the seller of a petrol station and the other the buyer.
The biofuels or batteries that will power cars in the alternative future should beat petrol at today's prices.
Last month he stood in its main square, doused himself in petrol and struck a match.
Partly, this is the result of a desire by carmakers to create electric vehicles that match the standards of petrol-driven ones.
It then ran out of petrol at a time when the tsunami had led to a nationwide shortage of fuel.
Consumers paying more for their petrol and heating oil have less to spend on other things.
The corporate rate would drop and the petrol tax would almost double.
By comparison, getting a conventional internal-combustion engine to burn hydrogen instead of petrol is relatively easy.
Many petrol stations are already hooked up to gas-lines for heating.
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