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Petrified wood, from trees that have fossilized to stone, is currently intriguing those interested in interior design.
They're wealthy, they're pretty, they've got some petrified laurels.
And there's millions more silent ones, who are too petrified to come out openly defiant.
Five additional petrified forests have now been found, scientists said.
But the best part was the petrified tree trunk that spanned the entire length of the room.
The holes are all that is left in the petrified ash of the bodies that used to lie there.
Everybody's suddenly petrified about municipal debt.
We were both too petrified to even move the curtains to look out the window.
Interpretive panels along the way explain the science behind the petrified logs.
Corporations who are petrified with terror and rage at the prospect of losing some tiny percentage of their profit disagree.
No more rigid, petrified faces, or even slightly rigid dancing.
Sometimes the brakes in the brain are stuck and you are perpetually petrified.
There were a few bushes that were actually pretty thick in patches, and they were almost petrified because they were so dead.
Chances are good that an amused rather than petrified response will prevail.
They are petrified that any verbal misstep will destroy their reputations and careers.
Petrified wood found in the park and the surrounding region is made up of almost solid quartz.
While exploring outdoors, it is tempting to take a small piece of petrified wood.
But removal of petrified wood or other natural and cultural artifacts found in the park is prohibited by law.
Use the phones for emergencies and to report theft of resources such as petrified wood.
The petrified wood must be for personal use only, and shall not be sold or bartered to commercial dealers.

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