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We don't spend eight hours a day at one site with a pesky boss constantly looking over our shoulders.
He climbs an adjacent tree and attempts to knock the pesky clump down, but it refuses to yield.
Keep a special eye out for a pesky poltergeist: rumor has it that he's knocked over a tripod or two.
There were always the pesky squirrels wreaking havoc with our best-laid plans.
Manufacturers and factory owners needn't worry about pesky human workers for too much longer.
Unlike the common cold, a far more familiar family plague during the school year, strep throat is much more than a pesky illness.
It's according to your style manual, and it will cost less to mail to those pesky peer-reviewers.
Conventional and organic gardening methods allow different types of insecticides to control those pesky bugs.
Those pesky ancestors seem to have been wandering all over the place.
But often the real problem is those pesky office workers.
Remaining within the realm of his own imagination, he need not worry about pesky clients who can dilute a project into mediocrity.
Ideal for avoiding pesky tech-blog autograph seekers but not so good if you're traveling with friends.
Campers know the pesky feeling of ants crawling up and down their arms and legs.
Well, that took care of that pesky need for saturated fat.
Slaughterhouses have moved from the cities to places where land is cheap and unions less pesky.
Now a huge swath of west-facing slope-and the pesky stone structures thereon-have been cleared to make way for a small farm.
Even a car could be misused to run over a pesky neighbor.
The same surface can power a kitchen appliance without pesky cords.
But with empty coffers and a pesky rule that budgets must be balanced, state and local leaders are desperate for quick cash.
Then there's that pesky fact of creating ever bacteria with stronger immune systems.
Oh, sure, there were some pesky little bribes and fees that needed to be paid before the money could be transferred.
Originally, he and the writers selected the word truth, as distinguished from those pesky facts.
Wouldn't want those pesky overseas producers undercutting domestic firms.
To his annoyance, his pesky neighbors refuse to leave him alone.
But visitors are spared the irritations of traveling and dealing with pesky booth attendants.
Further when quantum mechanically and mathematically modeled it breaks down into pesky infinities.
To operate within the bounds of law another pesky bureaucracy.
Not to mention that cabin crews won't be necessary avoiding those pesky strike delays.
By eliminating pesky distractions, you can maintain a sense of calm at your desk.
Oh, then there's that pesky reentry stuff where if you get it wrong you burn up and die.
There are all sorts of ways to get a grip on this pesky scourge.
Because of those pesky global imbalances, however, not everyone can run a large surplus.
All those pesky little personal freedoms get in the way of progress.
The game is about science, so no worries about any of those pesky pop culture questions.
Then those pesky lion tamers can go join all the bank tellers and beg on the streets, complaining about danged automation.
Then there are the pesky issues that sneak up on you when you're trying to change the world.
If the puffins can't make it back to their burrow in time, the pesky gulls steal the fish right out of the puffins' beaks.
From the food industry point of view, however, scientific substantiation of health claims presents pesky barriers.
Allergy sufferers may be able to instantly detect which pesky pollens are in the air and respond accordingly.
There are also those pesky things called clouds, smog and shadows.
Researchers have put a new face on what may be an old genetic weapon to help plants fight off a pesky infection.
Oh yeah, that would involve that other pesky idea tariffs.
However not only has it not been detected, mathematical models that include it break down into pesky infinities.
As bryozoans eat algae, it probably means that the often-pesky microorganisms are under control.
It was my pesky aortic valve that was causing the concern.
Kids may be worried about homework, teachers and that pesky bully this school year.
The measurement is not as easy as it seems because there are pesky backgrounds that have to be carefully taken into account.
We have to be shielded from all that pesky radiation.
Apparently polarization helps them resolve those pesky transparent sea creatures better when they hunt for their daily calamari.
If those pesky poor end up rioting here, there are non-lethal ways of keeping them at bay.
The only way to not get shingles is to never have the pesky virus make it into your nerves to begin with.
But facts are pesky: they exist whether you believe in them or not.
If it weren't for that pesky climate-change problem, petroleum would remain a great source of power.
No, if this sequel taught me anything, it is that vigilance is required where these pesky robots are concerned.
He also notices a barrel-shaped relocation trap on rubber wheels awaiting an especially pesky local bear.
After the meal, they all go tramping through the heather with a pack of pesky corgis nipping at their heels.
Don't let those pesky realities prevent you from trying to sell your unit this summer.
Farmers complain that foreign tourists, such as those pesky golfers, take their water.
Funnily enough, the answer lies in those same pesky values.
He survived his life almost uninjured, pesky and abrasive, full of advice about ways of fishing that were no longer allowed.
But for that to work, you need to be sure that those pesky election monitors don't have access to the computers.
But don't let those pesky facts and reality get in the way of your conspiracy theory.
Can't let those pesky skeptics examine my work and find fault with it.
On occasion, pond fishing may be interrupted by pesky pond critters such as turtles.
Doing so reduces concerns for the breeding of flies and other pesky insects.
Nesting and roosting bats are natural predators of mosquitoes and other pesky garden insects.
The old tires are not only eyesores for neighborhoods, but they can become health hazards by collecting pesky mosquitos.
These marvelous bats are friends to all, feasting on pesky insects.
Understanding these pesky bugs and where they live can help keep you from being bitten.
Pesky mosquitoes can really travel-but not always under their own power.
In an attempt to rid themselves of these pesky parasites, a moose will try to rub them off.
Those pesky mosquitoes, chiggers and deer flies are dying with the cooler air.
The pesky bugs are particularly thick and annoying on the shores by the area's still backwater lakes.

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