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Example sentences for pervaded

Yet, in spite of a serious effort, a heaviness pervaded the collection.
It was no longer a threat, except for the smell of moribund quadruped that pervaded the room.
The optimism and serenity that pervaded the start of school last year have given way to deep unease.
Our current economic discourse is pervaded by fatalism.
The flowers were out, the markets awash with watermelons, and a scent of jasmine pervaded the air.
There was none of the leadership speculation that pervaded last year's conference.
Nevertheless, a feeling of normality prevailed and pervaded all vision.
The stiff-white-box feeling perfectly matched the vacant ennui and fear that pervaded the play.
Night seemed less night in the kitchen pervaded with the everyday tribulations, day less dead.
She deduced from her observations that galaxies are pervaded by dark matter, invisible to our telescopes.
And that monastic reserve pervaded his presentation, lending gravity and dignity to even the simplest gestures.
It is impossible to overstate the excitement which pervaded the entire community through this eventful week.
His vision and strength forced the nation to confront the injustices that pervaded society.
The single-minded moralism that had pervaded earlier narratives diminished substantially.
In short, the school was pervaded by a culture of defeat and hopelessness.
Describes teaching as an artistically pervaded activity.
With inconsistent logic, the signing of unnecessary legislation pervaded the end of session.
Participants in the study were found to live with constant pain that was difficult to relieve and pervaded their lives.

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