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Example sentences for pervade

The universe is expanding, being thrust apart by some mysterious “dark energy”, minute traces of which pervade all space.
In this version of the old story, quiet menace seems to pervade every scene.
In fact, steer clear of the negativity that can pervade academia.
These forces and energies pervade the entire Universe.
And this principle must pervade the whole plan.
Violence, guilt and tension pervade the bleak stories he brings to the screen.
These effects pervade our lives and can act as positive or negative externalities on differing communities.
The same cheerful restlessness seems to pervade all areas of his life.
But its culture of secrecy has grown to pervade virtually all of its dealings with the news media and even its business partners.
But a sense of unease also seems to pervade the bucolic setting.
Probability does pervade the universe-and in this sense, the old chestnut about baseball imitating life really has validity.
The sense of suspicion and paranoia seemed to me to pervade even the fancy shopping malls, tourist beaches, and expensive hotels.
It yielded--as the sun sank lower and a touch of cool began to pervade the airy horseshoe.
The themes of performance management pervade all good management practices.
Music standards speak powerfully to two fundamental issues that pervade all of education: quality and accountability.
Visualization strategies, such as mental imagery, pervade historical accounts of scientific discovery and invention.

Famous quotes containing the word pervade

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