perturbed in a sentence

Example sentences for perturbed

But the fees perturbed publishers, several of which are still owed money.
It's also hard not to be perturbed by the whole affair.
Then suddenly the police pursuers pause in the hot chase, distracted and perturbed by new things in view.
My dad, perturbed, asked the fellow why he had bothered asking.
Today's bloggers aren't perturbed in the least by blogging's putative dangers.
The first-years, who were under the impression that they'd come to college to get an education, were understandably perturbed.
It's a big assignment, but he's not perturbed.
His persistence perturbed some college officials, who said that the department must be more patient.
He seems almost perturbed that people should find anything inconsistent.
The cloud was likely irregular in shape, perturbed by neighboring stars and other clouds.
Worldly is even more perturbed at the thought of going without his valet.
Among the hypotheses is that their navigation system is perturbed.
Since they didn't act perturbed, he decided to keep going.
Happily promiscuous, and another of the film's nicely innovative figures, she endures this grilling without being perturbed.
But you can't actually measure them at that point, because they're being too highly perturbed by the light.

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Rest, rest, perturbed spirit!... more
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