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Now, reacting to a perturbation requires acknowledging that you are indeed dealing with one.
Introduce perturbation to the current logjam and perhaps some good lessons may emerge.
There were no flats and there was not a mutter of perturbation from the muffler.
Our study lends functional support to the idea that perturbation of histone methylation promotes cancer.
Multi-year scale agricultural impact and maybe hemispheric climate perturbation.
It hath its original from much grief, from study and perturbation of the brain.
At one stroke, amid much audience perturbation, he unmoored the taboos and let them float flamboyantly close to the mainstream.
By the way, the jury is still out on the orbital perturbation theory.
The paper concludes that a trace perturbation smaller than observational uncertainties allows substantially heterodox physics.
Perturbation method is good only for getting number correct to the expected accuracy.
Corrections are of order the perturbation squared, which are incredibly tiny.
The entire investment system was in trouble and the mortgage problem was the small perturbation which touched off the avalanche.
The imperfect mixing in the oceans both speeds up and slows down the response, depending on the frequency of the perturbation.
They model processes in the core of a collapsing neutron star, or the evolution of galaxies under gravitational perturbation.

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