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Example sentences for pertinent

And in an age where social sharing has grown far more relevant than ever before, that's a huge chunk of pertinent information.
Maintain appropriate inventory of forms, stationary, publications and pertinent supplies for admissions.
Still, the question is becoming more pertinent.
You will not have any trouble answering a few pertinent questions.
This article is pertinent but seems more of harking on rhetoric than facts.
Every statute pertinent to federal estate matters is indexed for quick reference .
You asked a very pertinent question.
Therefore, it is the lawyer's duty to discover from his client such facts as may be pertinent to his undertaking.
But the real power of this film is more subtle and pertinent than nostalgia.
Yet the most pertinent thing people can find to talk about is grammar.
Since we had an audience of university foundation-relations specialists, we had a series of pertinent and interesting questions.
Open to the public, but mainly for members of pertinent organizations.
The governor, he said, doesn't have all the pertinent information needed to make such decisions.
We have the pertinent posts of the week organized into topics.
We only collect the minimum amount of information that is pertinent to advertisers.
Thanks for an excellent article followed by pertinent comments.
Pertinent to point out the contributions of what is often perceived as an entirely failed venture.
Nine of these points were pertinent to the field and completely expected.
The proceedings were polite, the questions pertinent, the discourse intelligent.
There are some general observations that might be pertinent.
They can start a website where students can look up the pertinent information for the college of their choice.
They wouldn't tell us the pertinent details about the detainees.
In this sense the pertinent parallel is not with music or films but with newspapers and magazines.
But it is neither supported by the burden of science nor especially pertinent to the motion.
The only pertinent question is what kind of culture fires our imagination and provides the sustenance of our daily lives.
As pertinent as the message of a system gone awry is, it misses the point completely.
The effect is interesting without being especially pertinent.
What is pertinent here is the author's contention that economists, all along, have been writing theology.
But for many scientists, the more pertinent question was whether such an exercise program would really help people lose weight.

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