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Scientists are uncovering ways of making messages more persuasive.
But woe to the leader whose posturing is not persuasive.
His persuasive passion spurs him now to cross this gap by converting everybody to his way of seeing things.
This isn't persuasive; it's mind-numbing.
Many people find such a story extremely persuasive.
Could be used as a persuasive argument to restrict almost anything.
Chapters are short, accessible, and persuasive.
Only concrete evidence would be persuasive.
As you might expect, I don't find this particularly persuasive.
Nothing is so eloquent, or so powerfully persuasive as example.
All of these had a florid grandeur which could hold the attention of a hall of people with persuasive eloquence.
Have students write persuasive essays defending a position on when and where humans should modify the natural environment.
These quills typically lie flat until a porcupine is threatened, then leap to attention as a persuasive deterrent.
Remind students that good persuasive writing includes opinions, facts that support the opinions, and strong persuasive language.
He says that if the patients are determined, no amount of persuasive tactics will change their conviction.
It would have been more persuasive if you had given some reference and some proves as the statistics.
The second is the ability to be sufficiently persuasive to change and hold the allegiance of followers who they can influence.
The point of my original post was not so much to persuade, but to illustrate how un-persuasive some denier arguments can be.
If the logic therein is so persuasive, then you should be able to summarize it here and make your case.
The author comes across as arrogant and dismissive, instead of persuasive.
Instead of using your free will to reject sense and reason, use your mind to consider a persuasive case for your point of view.
Actually, that animation is a persuasive demonstration of plate tectonics using a novel geometric approach.
If it weren't for his seductively persuasive writing, no one would take his paltry lack of rigor seriously.
She is talking softly, seductively, in a voice that is both sweet and persuasive.
These arguments may seem persuasive on the surface, but they're not supported by the science.
Beyond the persuasive combination of flavors, the magic here is in the textures of the dish.
Marketing and communication executives use sophisticated and persuasive campaigns to lure consumers.
Sales meetings succeed off of big-eyed consumers and persuasive salespeople.
But enough can be found for it to be quite persuasive.
She is unlikely to gather enough signatures, despite her persuasive ways.
So each judge has to be eloquent, persuasive and political, and the pressure can be intense.
But the argument would be more persuasive if, in return, countries knew they would get more mutual protection.
Yet there are also persuasive arguments on the other side.
The legal issues are there and persuasive and should be enough.
What the art form needs is a persuasive justification of the expenditure.
If his argument was less than fully persuasive, that was in the nature of the choices before him.
Following up on the speech he gave in the same place two years ago, he made a persuasive case for sweeping regulatory reform.
If ads can recreate some facsimile of that familiarity and intimacy, they could be much more persuasive.
As in any graduate research seminar, students will use primary materials to formulate a persuasive historical argument.
But unlike politicos, faculty members spend their time worrying about methodologies, not persuasive strategies.
But the study's case against play in school isn't entirely persuasive.
If that's not persuasive, then we'll take this to the courts, and lawsuits are already getting lined up.
The decisive factor is not how many courses you have taught but how detailed and persuasive you can be about your approach.
And the arguments, although persuasive in some areas, are not compelling in others.
Not that his approach was persuasive or led to enlightened thinking on your part.
However, fear and ignorance of are not persuasive to an audience that has moved beyond here developmental revulsion.
His argument for the return of the amputated pieces is stunningly simple and persuasive.
He is extraordinarily persuasive, on issues from small-business investment to tax policy.
Those concerns remains but now, finally, the belief in democracy has become more persuasive.
The arguments for the program are not really persuasive.
The evidence is particularly persuasive on two points.
The data is even less persuasive for other candidates.
For one thing, it always makes the criticism utterly more persuasive for me-when people build that kind of awareness into it.
It is also central to the persuasive power of great art.
Nor is the book's main message especially palatable or persuasive.
Scientifically, the results are extremely persuasive, if you happen to live in the reality-based community.
And it is an illusion, a pervasive and persuasive one.
Many other phage experiments similarly lacked persuasive standards and controls.
For anyone with a provocative bit of data or a persuasive argument to share, he was an enthusiastic listener.
Appreciating their literary and persuasive techniques, as it were.
There is plenty of persuasive evidence, but people have to be prepared to listen to it and pay attention to it.
The evidence, should you care to take the time to find out what it is and understand it, is persuasive.
The guy made a persuasive, if occasionally not entirely accurate presentation.
It is neither persuasive nor courteous to ridicule others.
Against a strongly-held prejudice, no amount of evidence will be persuasive.
The jury found these persuasive enough to determine that the traders were not completely deceitful.
The opponents of the embargo have failed to be persuasive.
But her rants were so persuasive, her fretting so vivid, that it was not so easy to dismiss her.
There is persuasive evidence that the supply chain is easily infiltrated.
They don't give you a road map to correct thinking, because a joke explained is neither funny nor persuasive.
Eleventh grade students respond to a persuasive prompt.
Use this guide to identify the persuasive techniques used in political cartoons.
The model shows a political cartoon and a list of persuasive techniques that cartoonists frequently use to make their point.
Students should write for a variety of purposes: narrative, informative, and persuasive.

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