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He likes nothing more than taking on a room of hostile unionists, and he has a heroic belief in his own powers of persuasion.
But lot of persuasion may be necessary to get those graduates to take jobs where they are needed the most.
But these days, the chairman needs little persuasion to talk.
Knowing the laws of persuasion is especially handy with car dealers.
That's how strong their online powers of persuasion will have to be.
Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds.
But the region's airwaves have never been thicker with persuasion than now.
But their technological explorations can tantalize anyone of a geeky persuasion.
Such a bold declarative statement has the power of persuasion.
He is a renowned perfectionist but gets his way through persuasion rather than tantrums.
It is the whole basis of both persuasion speech and pc words.
Often, this is done through peer pressure and subtle forms of persuasion.
But they will not all travel in the same direction without a little persuasion.
His charms and powers of persuasion are all part of what make him so dangerous.
Whether these shifts were good or bad depends on your political persuasion.
But cynics doubt that this owed much to the commissioner's powers of persuasion.
Imitation in this case is not a form of flattery but of subtle persuasion.
The essence of teaching is persuasion which is based on logos, pathos and ethos.
It was a difficult sell, and he used all of his celebrated skills of persuasion.
Engineers have the talents and skills required to provide that persuasion.
Use persuasion, incentives, and legal enforcement as needed.
My query about the pictures, and this article itself, relates to the role scarcity plays in persuasion.
Persuasion may be potent, but it is not helpful to allow people to excuse themselves for not making a better decision.
People who have found their way to the fringe are unlikely to respond to persuasion going the other way.
As a group people of your persuasion have gone out of their way to undermine the laws of this country.
In my view, when kids don't respond to persuasion and logic then corporal punishment is appropriate.
Every experienced public speaker knows that the basic rule of persuasion is to tell a good story.
What he's got written here now is a religious tract, and uses exactly the same methods of persuasion.
By making claims that are scientifically without merit, he makes such persuasion that much easier.
If the aura was a myth, it was a useful myth: it served as a means of persuasion and a deterrent to mischief.
Getting individuals to change is an act of personal persuasion.
Civility can then be employed for actual persuasion.
Even so, her personal powers of persuasion were legendary.
Three years of law school does not teach that kind of persuasion.
Purely as rhetoric and persuasion, it's as good a way as he has to cast his arguments in terms the other side might accept.
The administration has so far refused to take such a step, relying instead on persuasion, though with little success.
Getting anywhere with her economic platform will require the gift of persuasion.
It has mechanisms that are needed to gather the votes and others for persuasion.
Through their capacity for persuasion, they win the consent of their people and call forth democracy's inner resources.
She exerted an influence in literary matters because her artistry embraced the arts of persuasion and of charm.
The state archives possess the papers of some governors, received as gifts or by persuasion.
It has climbed, delightfully so, for those of a bullish persuasion.
But he finally yielded to persuasion and replied to a few questions with answers along the lines of his formal statement.

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