perspicacity in a sentence

Example sentences for perspicacity

His theme is the purposeless drifting of people now in their 20s and he presents it with remarkable restraint and perspicacity.
Sadly, perhaps the rush to print overcomes accuracy and perspicacity.
The brevity has an elegant perspicacity.
She always congratulates them on their perspicacity.
He showed a shocking lack of perspicacity in that decision.
You are a savante of infinite grace and perspicacity.
The perspicacity of the Bard astounds us.
The perspicacity of crows has a certain appeal to some bird-watchers.
She wishes the presenters would just write significant words on the board and talk about them with wit and perspicacity.
It is a last word that is overwhelmingly elegant in its perspicacity.
She can scarcely be credited with the ordinary schoolgirl perspicacity.
They seem to be devoid of perspicacity-an unthinking lot of puppets merely carrying out the instructions of the director.
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