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Both perspectives obscure in different ways the significance of social issues to business success.
Their personalities, as well as their different perspectives on the economy, will see to that.
They are a set of perspectives, small spy-holes onto big vistas.
Our guest panel offer their perspectives on the debate.
And to have a chance to see the feedback given by people with different perspectives.
What emerges from this process is messy, but involves the aggregation of many perspectives and interests.
He did not believe in the distinction, and in his work the observer always kept both perspectives.
In the larger environment diversity is prized because diversity means different perspectives.
These individuals from around the world offer fresh perspectives through innovative storytelling.
Interview two people with different perspectives on the same event.
The trio, rather, is a matter of multiple perspectives.
They allow us, for the first time, to witness the lives of animals from the animals' own perspectives.
Even individuals can apply this mechanism and improve their decisions by averaging multiple perspectives from their own reasoning.
Other speakers at the opening session provided regional perspectives.
The stakes in this case ought, in my opinion, to be considered from two slightly different perspectives.
Having both perspectives at our management meetings is beneficial to the whole campus.
There can also be benefits from funding perspectives.
The leaders are the ones who took chances and developed unique perspectives.
The post demonstrates awareness of its own limitations or implications, and it considers multiple perspectives when appropriate.
People seem to worry that the educational experience will foster heretical perspectives that threaten the society.
Two sociologists give us a taste of those perspectives.
Which of the two perspectives has more legitimacy depends in large part on whether the degrees in question are any good.
It's great for finding different perspectives on the same topic.
Viewed from some perspectives, autism is a genetic disease.
It's also a fantastically efficient way to find out what's occurring at this historical moment, from an array of perspectives.
They considered fewer perspectives and possible outcomes.
The perspectives are different and a potential buyer is wise to read both.
Often, that means the perspectives of the literate and the literary trump those of the unlettered.
As this happens, it will no longer be sufficient simply to study religion from the comparative and historical perspectives.
But two perspectives, and their advocates, should not hold a place in public discourse.
Reading the same explanation of a certain technique by different pastry chefs allowed me to learn from various perspectives.
They concluded that this did not offer any perspectives.
These are different perspectives, but by no means contradictory.
The strife is real, engendered in part by differences in the roles and perspectives of the two groups.
But different nations are coming at the problem from different perspectives.
He says overhead perspectives are good for business because they help him do his design work as well as show it in presentations.
There is nothing wrong with such a plurality of perspectives.
From quite different perspectives they reach broadly similar conclusions.
My method is to make general readers part of an ongoing professional dialogue, familiarizing them with a variety of perspectives.
But his book offers almost nothing in the way of new evidence or fresh perspectives.
Breaking down gender barriers will bring more energy and fresh perspectives into the world of science.
Science needs people with different opinions on that to argue from different perspectives so that all possible angles are covered.
All of this has now gone into our radically different perspectives of science: pragmatic vs unattainably idealized.
Different historical perspectives are out there for folks to find and see for themselves.
Most sock puppeteers don't use sock puppets to argue from different perspectives.
Such perspectives are akin to some religious beliefs in which you interpret the facts to fit your preconceived world view.
They were both the same image seen from different perspectives.
Other readers benefit by getting different perspectives on a story.
Indulge your curiosity to find new angles, perspectives and strategies.
Then take time to consider all perspectives before taking action.
It was so interesting to compare their perspectives.
Not four sides of an argument, but four perspectives on a reality.
Their perspectives on life didn't vary that much from one student to another.
Viewers will have to work to keep up with all the shifting perspectives and layers of deceit.

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