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It really put the game in perspective.
First, a bit on what shapes my perspective.
But let's also put this dangerous rally in perspective.
You might gain some valuable perspective.
Their job is to research the perspective of the person they are representing.
But once again, let's adopt the perspective of the average person and reexamine these numbers.
As the nation considers investment in new electricity infrastructure, we should maintain a long-range perspective.
She sees everything in clear outline and perspective.
But in this case, your employees' own perspective is probably more valuable than that of the law.
They are convertible as our perspective widens or contracts.
Even without the forced perspective, it was the size of one of those toy bats that kids use for whiffle ball.
From the perspective of a single day, including this day of dedication, the issues and questions before our country are many.
These parallels become especially impressive when they are seen contrastively from a wide phonetic perspective.
With that perspective, it's easy to see the evolution of the universally popular margarita.
It's good that writers and scientists are taking a global perspective.
It's always good to see things from another perspective.
All who reason do so from some ideological or religious perspective.
From a financial perspective, playing the lottery is a bad investment.
These views are only viable from within that flawed economic perspective.
From a customer's perspective his airline is excellent.
It makes you see things from a different perspective.
The result is an array of images, each formed from a slightly different perspective.
So, from a certain perspective, they are nearly identical publications.
From our perspective, purchase of the house was solely a natural progression of our prolonged stay here.
But the truth is that, from the perspective of the economy as a whole, small companies are not the real drivers of growth.
From a scientific perspective, this is hardly damning.
From a financial perspective-the only one that matters, he would say-Welch was a great success.
My main point is to appeal for some historical perspective.
From an economic perspective, it is a network externalities story and a credible one.
It's remarkably affecting, balanced and reliable-and it offers a rare perspective.
And his books show that he has wrung from them every drop of insight and breadth of perspective they contained.
Those who have migrated, or moved, to your community often have a unique perspective and a strong impact on the community.
Ask them to write two paragraphs: one from their perspective and one from the perspective of a member of the other culture.
Important issues such as migration stories and indigenous sciences can be presented from the people's language and perspective.
Deft manipulation of perspective gives viewers a detailed look inside the human circulatory system.
The site can also bring a unique big-picture perspective to otherwise fragmented efforts.
From the perspective of infectious agents, the whole world is now one village.
Yet it also appears chaotic with the wave apparently about to break over the boat due to the perspective.
Well, my first guess is that there could be some perspective issues.
Now, the iQ is either cute as a bug or as homely as a mud fence, depending upon your perspective.
The video-feed rendering of the human correspondents looked accurate, with precise and realistic perspective angles.
Our eyes are about three inches apart, which means each eye sees a slightly different perspective of the same scene.
From the perspective of your brain, dreaming and movie-watching are strangely parallel experiences.
In this situation, from a common law perspective, the totality leads us to the conclusion we're in a state of war.
From a biological perspective, there is no such thing as devolution.
My perspective comes from someone who has worked with a number of addictions, including alcohol, smoking and food.
From a cellular perspective, learning takes place when the connections between nerve cells are strengthened.
Thanks for the historical perspective, or whatever.
But developments in theoretical physics, especially the rise of string theory, have changed their perspective.
It's sad that it takes this long to get a study on something that seems pretty obvious from this perspective.
In fact, from an engineering perspective, it would be irresponsible not to test the machine at a lower level of operation.
It's all a matter of the experimenter's perspective and values.
Anyone can get the point without feeling excluded so please grow up and get some perspective and humour back into your life.
Changes my whole perspective of being without a job.
Uses the same approach to put things into perspective.
After reading one of my publications they say they would benefit from my perspective.
From the perspective of the great teachers, it's demeaning and foolish to reduce people to their athletic prowess.
It's time to put the dissertation into practical perspective.
As a new visitor to the fora, you are approaching the topic from an entirely different perspective.
More important, this new perspective could have a positive effect on student success.
For those that have already started or finished their phd, here is some advice from my perspective.
The undergrads bring fresh perspective-they are not entrenched in views from the discipline.
The impact from a psychological perspective hasn't really changed.
From the perspective of today's health concerns, of course, there are good reasons to avoid raw bone marrow.
From my editor's perspective, these were models, and rightly so.
From my perspective, however, they were good writers who had spun big ideas into gold.
But some perspective from someone who has fought this fight as long and as personally as anyone in this country.
From an employer perspective, computer-based hiring processes are a more realistic predictor of on-the-job success.
From the perspective of the people, a known dictatorship with obvious bright lines is often preferable to utter chaos.
But humans aren't the only animals to use forced perspective.
Humans can't help approaching this problem from a human perspective.
Lately, however, more and more researchers have been taking the opposite perspective.
Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective.
Both from the perspective of showing their humanity as well as being clever businessmen.
Still, a little perspective might be necessary here.
From this perspective, there is no other promising location for life in our solar system.
Perspective drawings lose their depth if rendered in colors of equal brightness, as do drawings of geometric figures.
So what we're doing is really unusual when seen from a geologic perspective.
From our distant perspective this seems true, but from the local perspective probably not.
Here is our re-imagining of the plots of these films, based on this perspective.
Viewed from this perspective, closing the restaurant is the final stage in its creative evolution.
They are what they are, and they put things into badly needed perspective.
Bakhtin himself believed that this distancing perspective was essential to his insights.
The tragedy is not lessened, but the humor puts it in perspective.
However, the panoramic photos these services offer provide only a limited perspective.
Then as the viewer moves his or her head, the perspective can be made to change.
Perhaps this information can be used in marketing to gain an overall perspective on the mood of a given market.
From the perspective of cardiologists and patients, this wireless programming is a godsend.
The materials engineering problems seem insurmountable from an economic perspective.
Sort of puts after-the-fact data mining into perspective as being an exercise in meaning futility.
Whether the job market actually feels stronger, though, depends on your perspective.
Saran says he tries to help his patients keep a positive perspective because he knows it will get a better result for them.
To put this in perspective, a few media reports of abuses in this program has shamed legislators into wanting to abolish it.
Stunning new images put space into a never-before-seen perspective.
My perspective is of cautious but resolute optimism.
The list of writers who bring that kind of perspective can be counted on one maimed hand.
But put into historical perspective, that forecast isn't too bad.

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