personality disorder in a sentence

Example sentences for personality disorder

She points out that she is not talking about multiple personality disorder, which has specific clinical signs.
My sister probably has borderline personality disorder.
The groups were tested for antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, and aggression.
Find the cure for narcissistic personality disorder.
Sock-puppetry is only about anonymity if you have multiple personality disorder.
Margot certainly thinks so and, gifted with a borderline personality disorder, says as much.
He probably suffers from multiple-personality disorder, and he takes his dreams for prophecies.
These bully narcissists also seem to fit the criteria for obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
Even among standard run-of-the-mill personality disorder patients, informant reports end up being quite useful to clinicians.
Countertransference in the treatment of multiple personality disorder.
Reactive attachment disorder, ptsd, narcissistic personality disorder are well known examples of purely psychogenic illness.
Symptoms vary widely depending on the type of personality disorder.
One goes on to be a politician, while the other suffers from a bizarre multiple personality disorder.
Borderline personality disorder: treatment and management.
Twenty-four different voices might qualify for a personality disorder.
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