personal effects in a sentence

Example sentences for personal effects

There clearly have been a great many solutions to the problem of carrying around personal effects.
His personal effects were scattered and sealed under lock and key at private residences.
All you bring is a sleeping bag and personal effects.
Explore his personal effects, including the manuscripts of his written works and his firearm collection.
Insure your belongings and personal property with a personal effects protection plan.
Baggage insurance, sometimes referred to as personal effects insurance, covers your baggage in the event of mishaps.
The wreck and its debris field contain a diverse collection of tools, cooking utensils, and personal effects of the crew.
Boxes of peelers straight from the factory made up the bulk of his personal effects.
It doesn't seem right, this show of non-show of personal effects.
Exclusion of household goods and personal effects.
Release of decedents and personal effects to funeral homes.
She left behind personal effects at her home and has not been located or heard from since.
They may also be subject to inspection of their personal effects when entering or leaving the project site.
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