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Example sentences for personal space

The third is to create a personal space of invention in a virtual environment.
Obsession with personal space and privacy is rising.
It seems that these behavioral distinctions are best adopted for people living in dense populations with little personal space.
Conversation in a full elevator encroaches on the personal space of other riders, which is already greatly reduced.
Most of them appeared to be snoozing contentedly despite the utter lack of privacy or personal space.
Be prepared for an invasion of your personal space on the crowded cars.
But after his second birthday, he started biting anyone who came into his personal space.
They maintain personal space even when inside the bubble net, making them more elusive targets.
There is no personal space and there are no luxuries.
But living in space for many years changes the way people use their space, their personal space.
The study concluded that invasions of personal space caused longer delay times and shorter urination times.
Choosing the right cruise ship cabin will allow you to enjoy your personal space on a busy cruise ship.
Which of course means less legroom and personal space.
Realize that personal space requirements are different in other cultures.
The policy followed a number of complaints from fliers who said their personal space was being infringed upon.
Airlines are exploring new frontiers in personal space.
There's plenty of personal space and the seat has sufficient storage.
Situational acts of violence are likely to occur when protestors invade someone's personal space.
They leave some personal space even as a crowd approaches the stage, which makes it easier for people on the move to be polite.
With the cubes come more team meeting rooms, so personal space is sacrificed.
Only use personal space heaters approved by your facilities' manager.
It's also largely unconscious for example, personal space.
Individual bears have their own personal space requirements, which vary depending on their mood.
Individual bears have their own personal space requirements which vary depending on their mood.
Individual bears have their own personal space requirements that vary depending on their mood.
The major coping strategies used were studying away from the room and decorating personal space.
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