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His personal effects were scattered and sealed under lock and key at private residences.
Many religious-studies professors consider personal references to one's own faith to be out of place in an academic context.
Bubble cars were built to provide cheap personal transport.
Have students describe in their personal journals what they saw in the photographs.
But these are largely personal emotions and it's the individual's responsibility to manage them.
There are personal notes, too; the family memories and feelings that shape an observer's perspective.
Is the public ready to know personal genetic information?
I'm not the only one who obsesses on personal safety.
Make a porch a personal resort in the suburbs.
Ed Roberts, the maker of the world's first personal computer, died yesterday at the age of 68.
For history, as we know it, is little more than an assemblage of personal stories.
Many people find that hiring a personal trainer who makes house calls is the only way to ensure they stick to their fitness goals.
The art of the personal letter is endangered but not dead.
By then a raucous debate over the propriety of reporting on candidates' personal lives had already begun.
Period furnishings, many personal possessions, and reproduction wallpaper and floor coverings evoke his life before the war.
He proceeded to do so at considerable personal risk.
We get a glimpse of her omnivorous sensibility in the displays of personal materials.
There will be more taped pieces and personal pieces.
As a reminder, submissions should be true, original personal essays somehow inspired by this invitation.
Part of the explanation lies in the dearth of personal letters.
It is unfortunate to learn that people seek personal gains at the expense of losing historical and cultural artifacts.
In fact, there's a notable absence of pictures or other personal effects on display.
The personal stories shed a light on the intimate involvement of people with their obsession.
Most of us keep the usual office supplies, but it can also be helpful to keep a few personal items on hand.
The only personal information it had was about my academic background.
These programs provide educational experiences emphasizing professional and personal knowledge, development and integrity.
From personal experience, the comments in aggregate are quite on point.
The personal flying vehicle will really let us keep our distance from each other.
But humans alone extend altruism beyond kin, frequently helping perfect strangers for no obvious personal gain.
But yeah, screw them, because personal responsibility.
Obviously, the use of personal pronouns might reveal something something personal about the user.
Other researchers find fear to be a vastly personal experience.
So the fundamental principle in self-control is addressing the deeper issues of our personal value system.
The personal computer already existed, the concept was there, people knew what it was.
There were no offices, no desks, no personal equipment.
It's distributing tiny radio-transmitter kits so people can broadcast from their own personal radio stations.
Other advances have also contributed to the personal-computing revolution.
The second argument posits that sharing personal information online will prevent naturally-inclined introverts from staying so.
It's a culture of litigiousness and a refusal to accept personal responsibility.
Mobile digital gadgets are overshadowing the personal computer.
Weigh what is important and produce a personal ranking.
But it turns out that computers can learn a lot about causality by reading personal blogs.
Personal development workshops run throughout the taught section.
They are made available for personal, non-commercial use only.
All predictions made over the past decade about the use of personal robots have fallen well short.
Careers and personal development are well covered in series of workshops.
Your point of view is probably also framed by personal experience and by anecdotal evidence.
In many ways, apps are representative of the changes taking place in personal technology.
The personal computer has been king of the hill for over a decade.
Personal compliments, however, are proper only from a close friend.
No acquaintance, unless she is quite old, should ever make personal remarks.
Hall often adopts a tone of personal vituperation which antagonizes while it amuses.
Idle industries have cast workers into unemployment, causing human misery and personal indignity.
He appeals to our confidence by his constant recourse to his personal experience.
Except for weapons, ornaments, tools and suchlike personal possessions there was a sort of patriarchal communism in the tribe.
The great poets are also to be known by the absence in them of tricks and by the justification of perfect personal candor.
The great poets are to be known by the absence in them of tricks, and by the justification of perfect personal candor.
Everything else-chickens and goats, pots and pans, religious icons and personal treasures-washed away.
The electrification of personal vehicles, however, offers an incomplete solution.
Striking a balance between these extremes isn't easy, especially when you add in your own personal yuck factor.
Most of them appeared to be snoozing contentedly despite the utter lack of privacy or personal space.
There is little reference to current events or with recounting personal experience.
It will mean the end of personal computing, which itself evolved out of the vastly different computing paradigm that preceded it.
Mixer, a business consultant, has spent years coaching workers to personal breakthroughs.
Conspicuous consumption, this research suggests, is not an unambiguous signal of personal affluence.
New satellites will make information accessible on personal computers within hours.
Let us take an oath upon the codes, invest our personal honor in them, and suffer punishment for their violation.
The kind of personal ads a publication runs is generally a fairly accurate litmus of its readership.
If you think that physical appeal is strictly a matter of personal taste and cultural bias, think again.
Towns shrank and cities grew as gasoline-powered automobiles vastly expanded the possibilities of personal mobility.
As for envisioning her personal future, that was a lost cause.
It's the fear that personal responsibility will vanish if free will is shown to be an illusion.
Getting individuals to change is an act of personal persuasion.
The scientists' artwork draws out unexpected and often deeply personal details.
Personal genomics is adding a new twist, but the general problem is as old as human systematics.
Readers have really responded to your style: advice via personal essay.
Happily for him, and the prospects of his eventual fortune, his business interests align perfectly with his personal philosophy.
Today, this mostly forgotten act of personal responsibility seems rather heroic.
One almost develops a kind of elitism about the uniqueness of one's own personal disorder.
Boxes of peelers straight from the factory made up the bulk of his personal effects.
Twelve stories high, she seems pumped up to this size by the endless tabloid coverage of her personal life.
It could be a boon to genomics research and personal genomics companies.
Personal style has to do with making good judgments, having a sense of humor, and motivating others to effect change.
But in return, you'll be asked for your personal data.
Because of this, they're a treasure trove of personal information--and likely the next battleground for computer security.
Cyber attacks are inspiring new defenses for networks, personal computers, and smart phones.
Such divergences are to be expected: narrative pleasure is a notoriously personal matter.
Lacking a strong positive ideology, and built up on flimsy networks of personal loyalty, it has nothing to make it coherent.
They are also represented by campaign contributions, lobbies, and personal political access.
Personal attacks on others who comment are not appropriate.
Now, however, the personal saving rate hovers at about five percent.
Personal property publications keep agencies up to date.
Starting up a business can be a tremendous strain on your personal finances.

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