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They should also be friendly and personable, not confrontational or defensive.
There's a fine line to cross between being personable and completely creeping out a student.
They expect a partisan ideologue and discover a personable intellectual.
And no, it doesn't mean your doctor will be extra kind or personable.
These pages strike a good balance between professional and personable.
Alex was a resourceful, respected and personable businessman and friend.
His personable manner and good humour won him these distinctions.
To his superiors, such peculiarities were carefully hidden behind an eager, personable manner.
Personable and gregarious, he enjoyed a wide range of friends and colleagues.
As a secretary, it is imperative that she be personable.
So the government now consists of personable but weak ministers with scary deputies.
Our personable server was quick, funny and informed.
Waiters and waitresses are well-trained and personable.
The people were personable and interesting, but the setting was depressing.
Ours are not always unattractive, but they are rarely personable.
He was the perfect combination of professional and personable at the same time, which many flight attendants lack.
Aside from being incredibly funny and personable he is generous, kind and is great fun to play catch with.
He's a personable, inconspicuous fellow whose extremism reveals itself by stealth.
Plenty of famous musicians come here, though the personable proprietors are too professional to name names.
He was handsome, personable and blessed with tremendous athletic ability, as was much of his family.
Seeking a personable, outgoing, detail orientated and self-motivated individual with excellent communications skills.
Personable, with excellent customer and employee work relationships.
Try to get a sense of who they are, if they enjoy their job and if they are personable to the residents.
It enables individuals to find out about the department's programs and activities in a quick, accessible and personable manner.
We need to recruit expats who are personable, savvy, with good people and communication skills.
Her demeanor on the bench is both professional and personable.
While the nature of the matters presented is serious, the office environment is personable.
Many prefer to shop at small, personable shops than to commute to the suburbs.
Strengths were reported to include fairness, personable demeanor and knowledge of the law.
Must be personable, discreet, and inspire confidence.
Inspires trust and commitment among employees and stakeholders by being honestly engaged, personable, visible and recognizable.

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As long as she is young and personable, every woman may cherish the dream that she may leap up the social l... more
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