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He just has this amazingly cool vibe and persona.
How “cheeky” you get really may depend on your own persona, the energy of the interview, and how well you can read the room.
We could have been caught, labeled persona non grata, and asked to leave the country.
Yet he's not above milking the tough-guy persona.
Academe within recent years has been a place where weapons are considered anathema to the purpose and persona of academic culture.
His comic book persona—irascible, no-bullshit, down-to-earth working class artist/critic/heartland intellectual—was very real.
Yet, he also uses Twitter to remind everyone of the persona he has adopted.
The law does not apply to ordinary folk, just to celebrities with a strong public persona.
Now I needed to turn off my authoritative persona and become the one who receives rather than gives information.
And I had to work with her body, attitude and persona.
Because they did all know me as a photographer-they'd had exposure to that persona, so it was not unexpected.
It's the complete opposite of the freedom-fighting persona that he's trying to put over onto a gullible public.
The site let me know that my tough-but-fair persona is coming through.
He lists the qualities that are the marks of persona, being.
She didn't have any movie-star persona at all, or pull any rank.
His global persona rests not on gracefully aging authority, but on eternally youthful, even manic intensity.
Similarly, his public persona is bold, confident and aggressive.
His persona has a satisfying way of sublimating itself into the music at hand.
Her persona, fashioned over almost three decades of self-portraits, fused physical suffering and emotional isolation.
Her public persona was durable and unmistakably hers.
So in that sense my absence of persona is an advantage.

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