persevering in a sentence

Example sentences for persevering

There is satisfaction in persevering, and not all of it is neurotic.
It is worth persevering all the same, so long as you accept that this is more a saga than a novel.
There's also the endlessly relatable idea of the outsider persevering in the face of snubs and obstacles.
The persevering student meant to make up for the lost time by working until daylight.
However, the persevering citizens rebuilt and attracted new industry.
Throughout our economic recovery, persevering small businesses have helped put our country back on track.
Three clusters were identified: well-adjusted, persevering, and disconnected counselors.
It is a story of overcoming adversity and persevering against doubt.
Thank you for persevering through the frustration of daily challenges.
Thank you for persevering through both good times and bad, to improve our nation's self sufficiency.
Officials noted that overcoming barriers required strong and persevering leadership.
Griffiths was a fighter, a persevering and relentless advocate for equal rights.

Famous quotes containing the word persevering

It seems to me that man is made to act rather than to know: the principles of things escape our most perseveringmore
The white man comes, pale as the dawn, with a load of thought, with a slumbering intelligence as a fire raked up, knowin... more
But the impressions which the morning makes vanish with its dews, and not even the most "persevering mortal... more
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