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This is a shocking new level of police state persecution.
The reason the co-op spread like wild fire is because these people are proud still after centuries of persecution.
The group's report in April cited the persecution of civil rights activists and the censoring of domestic media.
The disease is characterized by delusions of persecution and, quite often, by delusions of grandeur.
With its thought-provoking perceptions about human nature, magic and persecution, this tale will surely cast a spell over readers.
Stoic acceptance and a doughty resilience are the underpinnings of this personal footnote to a history of persecution.
Assad, who fled persecution in Iraq, showed his asylum card.
Many of them have no other choice because of extreme poverty or persecution.
Persecution by extremists is a common theme in her work.
Such things were done through persecution, violence, and a general environment of fear.
These philosophical movements decried that religious and governmental authoritarianism which resulted in so much persecution.
Obviously you are allowing your paranoia and persecution complex write the subtext.
It encourages more and more persecution until nobody dares to say anything about race at all.
There comes a time when everybody needs to stand up to persecution.
Some against their will, some by choice, some by necessity fleeing religious persecution and some seeking a new opportunity.
On the other hand, they must sometimes accept persecution, knowing that it tests the genuineness of their faith.
Widespread homophobia and open police persecution can make life dangerous in or out of the closet.
We're also putting the public at risk of false arrest and police persecution.
But by the middle of the first century theological persecution had gone global in the known world.
Conflicts with livestock keep growing too, which leads to more persecution by herders.
We cannot be a global advocate of human rights and then turn our back on people fleeing persecution.
Meanwhile some of the opposition members face judicial persecution.
Many more changed their names, clothing and other giveaway features of their ancestry to escape persecution.
The threats of prosecution and persecution have usually been enough to keep polygamists subdued.
Both sides have continued to pour out propaganda, mostly about the persecution of their nationals.
The rest of his life was blighted by an understandable sense of persecution.
In any event, no tradition of religious persecution ever took root.
Similar persecution happens to people who convert to various religions, or have beliefs not sanctioned by their state.
It's garbage, of course, but everyone likes a good persecution story.
Thus they would avoid both an unpleasant conversation and the potential persecution that could follow.
Such certainty is one of the great justifications of fanaticism, compulsion, persecution.
Even the best people can be demoralized by years of persecution and the shock of regaining their lost stature.
Having had his jaw broken in the persecution, he wore a bandage under his chin to support it.
The fifth book of the history of this persecution is filled with examples.
Persecution is a bad and indirect way to plant religion.
Collins, she of the complicated hats and persecution complexes, came in third place.
For centuries it had successfully evaded persecution, morality and progress.
Comprised mostly of those who have fled their countries of origin, many face persecution should they return.
But any sense of exultation by church leaders is tempered by a familiar feeling of persecution.
Persecution requires a showing of more than mere economic discrimination.
Past persecution, as well as a well-founded fear of future persecution, creates statutory eligibility for asylum.

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