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Example sentences for persecute

And I won't persecute you for offering it.
Let's try to be competent when we hunt and persecute.
And indigenous and business groups say it will enable the government to persecute uncooperative politicians and journalists.
It might not be possible, because of public opinion, to persecute him too much.
People who are on the outer extremes of politics lay down the law and persecute moderates for questioning the party line.
The author makes a good point-civilised societies should not persecute people for analysing history or making their opinion known.
The monarchs will use you and persecute you.
Reporting of most of the afflicted countries is scant, not least because so many of them persecute journalists.
That's right: persecute a people with enough savagery and they will in the end unite, rise up, fight and go their own way.
It is unfair to persecute valued service members under an outmoded and harmful law that should have been scrapped long ago.
Many governments continue to repress religious freedom and persecute religious minorities.
Our opponents would be overjoyed would do more and more laws to persecute us easier.
They jailed seven of the nine opposition presidential candidates and abused the process of criminal prosecution to persecute them.
The war against terror must not serve as an excuse to persecute ethnic and religious minorities in any country.
Nor have they established that the gang persecuted or would persecute them on the basis of such opinion.

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