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Example sentences for perplexity

But in the four days since astronomers here discovered this new supernova, its behavior has caused growing scientific perplexity.
Sonnets that on first reading make prosaic sense can fall into perplexity on growing acquaintance.
The early opening of the season enabled the dealers to do a large business before the present perplexity arose.
Life coaches offer to help with the perplexity of bigger choices.
Without prompting, they wondered in sadness and perplexity what had happened to the good old days.
The only thing one can do is to indicate the value of the work and to show a way of approaching it with lessened perplexity.
My perplexity led me to bring my own way of seeing people, of seeing the world, into the book.
But the indirection has left contemporary critics in some perplexity.
Her utter candor and her current perplexity are affecting.
He tried to see her, sitting there in her perplexity.
It tilts the stakes from psychological perplexity to didactic melodrama.
To his perplexity, there weren't any tree rings to be seen.
One letter after another, written to those he knew would keep his statement confidential, set forth his overwhelming perplexity.
To his awe-commanding experience my puny perplexity would have been no riddle.
They are constructions of calm perplexity, coolly observed human mysteries.
We tried to express our perplexity-the uncanny sense that something was missing from this examination.
It was one of doubt and perplexity, of alarm and hesitation, of courage and preparation.

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