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Example sentences for perplex

These are questions that perplex every student of Arabic.
After a slow opening that may perplex new readers, the action soon picks up.
I'll perplex him with my slow ball.
And at the top of the list of questions that perplex investors most is how to determine an investment's cost basis.
The gap between banks and the real economy continues to perplex.
And while with familiarity such ideas become accepted, there are new ones to perplex us.
All night no ruder air perplex.
These are the little questions that perplex me.
There was little to alarm or perplex.
The vacillation had to perplex expert and casual observers alike.
All these experiments, orders, and systems were bound to attract and perplex the government and the nation.
The physics of clouds have continued to perplex scientists-and hobby gazers-for decades.
Still others will morbidly contemplate the airborne-hunk-of-steel perplex.
Their goal is not to perplex, but to amuse and excite.
The challenge of flash flood forecasts continues to perplex forecasters.
Social coupon sites have been around for a few years now, and they still continue to attract and perplex small business owners.

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