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Example sentences for perpetuation

The people who administer the system, the heirs of those who devised it, stand to gain enormously from its perpetuation.
For me, one of the hardest things to grapple with is the media's perpetuation of popular myths.
It is an endless cycle of aid dependence and perpetuation.
The shrinking of our world into a global village has not stopped the perpetuation of misconceptions.
The perpetuation of food stamps only help perpetuate obesity.
And it is an endless cycle of aid dependence and perpetuation.
The cost of the war was one thing, but the existing horror is the perpetuation of the misery.
Contentment lies in the perpetuation of immediately gratifying experience.
The perpetuation of a grand coalition also runs into broader objections.
Yet it is a small anecdote among many of large areas becoming nothing more than self-perpetuation enclaves of welfare.
They had depended for their perpetuation on constant new recruits from the countryside.
Ala, one little side effect could be that all the bio living things could become its food source for its perpetuation.

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