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Forget about that perpetual grin made famous by “Flipper” in the 60s.
Another perpetual concern is the volume of e-mail that arrives at the individual sites.
Believe it or not it is a perpetual power machine.
In areas where there is a perpetual moisture problem, do not install carpeting.
There is a perpetual rainbow at the foot of the falls.
Through the many horrors chronicled in this book, that renewal is a perpetual promise.
How did they endure months of perpetual cold and dark?
In the extreme tropics there are no winters or springs, only perpetual midsummer.
But they had the perpetual giggles while shooting scenes together.
The boy wears a striped shirt; his nose, like the gnomon of a sundial, casts a perpetual shadow across his round face.
Somehow, it seemed a fitting end to the tale of one old tramp's perpetual circuit of the country.
Our hot and hungry world could face a perpetual food crisis.
Whether it's successful or not, its expression of perpetual irritation will never change.
She's exploring the external power sources that propel the perpetual motion of oceans.
One side of the planet would always face the star, leaving the other side in perpetual darkness.
They orbit in a perpetual deep freeze until some subtle gravitational nudge upsets the delicate balance.
Their culture, rooted in the nomad's need for perpetual motion, values the relative luxury of stillness and calm.
As the plot progresses, the emotional landscape changes, while the physical landscape remains in a state of perpetual beauty.
Look around you, though, and you will discover that really this is a voyage of perpetual change.
It seems oddly fitting for a people who are perpetual outsiders that even their patron saint is an interloper.
He was also a perpetual self-promoter who took flack for embellishing his exploits and hyping his accomplishments.
Slowly the procession wound into the realm of perpetual night.
Also, as perpetual student notes, our tax structure that relies too heavily on personal income and sales taxes is a disaster.
All that has changed, of course, the term of copyright now being statistically almost indistinguishable from a perpetual grant.
The result is a disgraceful pool of highly educated, underemployed or unemployed perpetual trainees.
Perpetual growth is impossible unless the world has limitless supply of cheap and clean energy.
He felt his talent muffled by the perpetual eavesdropping upon his every move.
Now, of course, over the long run a perpetual programme of devaluation will make a currency worthless.
One perpetual feature of human history is how often the same episode keeps happening again and again.
We weren't sent here to wage perpetual political campaigns against each other.
The oat sodas will stay primed in a perpetual almost-freezing state for days, weeks or months.
The lovely almond trees stood about it in perpetual leaf.
The perpetual migration between prison and a few predictable neighborhoods is not only costly-it also destabilizes community life.
Heavy metal in all its forms, more than any other type of popular rock, conjures a state of perpetual adolescence.
It pictured a universe in which humanity plays the role of perpetual adventurer.
Twitter's perpetual narrative captures the mundane and extraordinary with equal measure.
Thus the nation possessed little recuperative power to make good the perpetual losses of its almost continuous foreign wars.
He had pioneered in an industry that was in a perpetual state of revolution, and mastered it and stayed on top.
The ancient minster, resonant and vibrating to her foundations, lived in a perpetual jubilant tumult of bells.
What you seem to be describing is a perpetual motion machine.
But some things-the nature of higher education among them-will have to change in order to ensure a perpetual source of new ideas.
Time travel has to conform to energy conservation, otherwise you could use it to build a perpetual motion machine.
Human history is a perpetual spiral of depressingly limited episodes.
As a perpetual dissenter, he has a grave respect for the responsibility of the writer.
Perpetual spending increases on defense have not always been taken for granted.
It was tiring to live in the path of a perpetual hurricane.
Dia also committed itself to the perpetual ownership and maintenance of the works.
For this reason alone, editors should be sentenced to perpetual anonymity.
We duly reach the pit of this descent: a single file of females, linking hands and lining up to be violated in perpetual night.
And now the whole project seems ridiculous,because everyone knows a perpetual motion machine is impossible.
The only possibly habitable zones are in perpetual twilight and cold.
So, no, this won't create a perpetual motion machine.
It took them half a century to accept the big bang, as it conflicted with their preferred view of a static perpetual universe.
He is a perpetual observer, a noticer of peculiarities, a collector of knowledge.
And a propeller on the back of a vehicle well, you're shooting for perpetual motion here.
Plant-dwelling insects are in perpetual danger of being accidentally munched on by plant-eating animals.
Hence the need for perpetual growth or put simply perpetual increase of debt.
Yet, regardless of the perpetual exchange of molecules, our memories remain stable.
Clearly, living things have built-in mechanisms for perpetual re-engineering.
The trick is to find a donor cell that starts the egg dividing and that yields perpetual stem cells.
Perpetual motion machines will solve the energy problem too.
Many people feel they may have a perpetual cold that never seems to dissipate and that only gets worse in the spring.
The energy balance does not work out, its similar to creating a perpetual motion machine.
The beauty of science lies in its perpetual subject to refutation and falsification.
Heartbroken souls that wallow in their sorrows and mope in perpetual gloom have got it all wrong.
His fate may be perpetual imprisonment in his compulsions: at the end of the film he's where he began.
Frequently asked questions specifically concerning business regulation and enforcement perpetual care cemetery topics.
Perpetual pavement is a term used to describe a long-life structural design.

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