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But a bias can be real, and pernicious, without being legally actionable.
But a more pernicious problem is the impact upon incentives of all firms.
In the end, he conveys the earnest message that pernicious substance abuse can be overcome with willpower and courage.
He resists any suggestion that his gambling addiction might be pernicious.
This pernicious cycle must end.
Some of its most pernicious influences, though, never make the headlines.
It packed a more pernicious punch.
Austin had contracted in the world a pernicious habit of swearing.
But it could also prove pernicious.
Shame on you for printing such pernicious and pandering propaganda.
Such negativity exposes another, more pernicious bias: people tend not to review things they find merely satisfactory.
They're also a particularly pernicious type of burn-apparently noodles cool much more slowly than water, prolonging the damage.
Kimball can't avoid grimacing as the group begins to chart one particularly pernicious stage of the wall map.
Sometimes the effects are more pernicious than others.
What had started out as a morally pernicious technique had become a character-defining vice.
Neither is particularly useful to him, although the latter is the more pernicious.
My experience with this confirms the findings on the pernicious effect of student ratings.
The proliferation of cross-purposes and strange bedfellows makes for pernicious and complicated arbitrating.
They want to stop it because they fear it will be wildly successful and sweep humanity toward a pernicious future.
Today's rising prices are particularly pernicious because incomes aren't rising with them.
The exaggeration of foreign threats, however pernicious, is a tactic.
Many of us appreciate that pernicious stereotypes about geeky physicists color the public's perception of our field.
Credit cards have pernicious psychological properties.
Now the focus is on inequality itself, and its supposedly pernicious consequences.
He sees this one as underlying all three of the things that make climate change a particularly pernicious sort of problem.
Yet since then, ever more examples show how so-called trade remedies are proliferating, with pernicious effects.
But mobile phones pose the biggest risk, for research shows that these gadgets distract in a more pernicious way.
It is particularly pernicious in combination with another problem: the primary system.
The stuff of nightmares for central bankers is that this leads to a more pernicious type of inflation.
But the scale of its action also shows how worried it is about a pernicious recession stemming from a traumatised banking system.
Food price inflation is pernicious as the poor tend to spend a large fraction of their household incomes on food.
The pernicious influence of oil, along with other rents such as foreign aid, is easier to measure.
When property prices began to drop, the effects on the area were particularly pernicious.
First, state-level politics can play a pernicious role.
The finance sector has also, in some people's eyes, had a pernicious effect on politics.
However, in the first two, this decreased over time as the pernicious influence of the freeloaders spread.
The marriage of corporate social responsibility and global salvationism is especially pernicious.
Golfers must constantly contend with two pernicious, false and yet widespread beliefs.
These are all proxies for a far more pernicious ill- aggressive behaviour.
Thus he formed a pernicious schism which took its name from him, and subsisted a hundred and fifty years.
We have continually about us animals of a strength that is considerable, but not pernicious.
Their destiny is more abject and inglorious as their delinquency is more contemptible and pernicious.
Another maxim, more plausible but equally pernicious, is that superficial knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all.
In this plan, secrecy in only used when it would be fatal and pernicious to publish the schemes of government.
Such compositions are extremely pernicious both to morals and to true literature.
He knew how good he was, and if such a fallacy had not been so pernicious, he could have laughed at it.
Conspiracy theories are rarely true, and false ones can be pernicious.
In the case of higher education, the form this subsidy took was particularly pernicious: student loans.
It offers a false and pernicious equivalency, as if race were no more than incidental to the struggle.
In an election year, the combination of untruths and state secrets is particularly pernicious.
Low wages delay the purchase of more homes, which would reverse the pernicious cycle.
Here is another example of the pernicious consequences of ill-directed benevolence, from which the future is to suffer so much.
But it has pernicious consequences in the conduct of policy.
These laws, at their heart, are about mitigating the pernicious effects of the power of dominant groups.
The minimum wage also has the pernicious effect of encouraging employers to hire illegals, because they are not subject to it.
Sometimes it's a fine line between humorous exaggeration and pernicious distortion.
The waterfalls are lovely, although the leeches are pernicious, particularly in the rainy season.
But that's not what's so pernicious about the tire-gauge attacks.
The ramifications for a workplace can be pernicious and long-lasting.
Not that there's anything morally pernicious about changing a book when it becomes a movie.

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