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The technical permutations filled notebooks, then a filing cabinet.
Over months, the fastest permutations of sails and trim will be studied.
But even gene scientists today say they are struggling with the many permutations of those four molecules.
It is about training the brain to see possibilities and permutations in the larger world.
There are myriad permutations for drivers clinching wild cards today.
Only later did various permutations of the tea party develop additional political planks which are all over the map.
Literally millions of billing permutations are possible.
In the end, he identified four, though with all kinds of combinations and permutations among them.
Winning support for government bills is easiest when there are lots of parties and hence many winning permutations.
However, it is not the only solution, and the lifeboat problem has a great many permutations that defeat your simple solution.
There are too many permutations of beliefs to form a coherent centrist party.
All three new puzzles represent sporadic simple groups of permutations.
For the other five, she uses all of the six possible permutations of her colors.
It is not absolute, of course, and permutations and deviations are legion.
There are some permutations to the rule, as well as some exceptions.
Someone could create a web accessible bank that would automatically calculate the bond strength for submitted permutations.
For protein, they ate soybeans in countless permutations.
There is a lot of matter, in what amounts to an infinite variety of permutations and combinations.
The permutations even spell out sentences, which is amazing.
Look in an elementary statistics book to get a better idea about combinations and permutations.
The t events in the sequence may be interleaved with others, but all t-way permutations will be tested.
Optimization problems over the set of all permutations, such as discussed here, are combinatorial in nature.

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