permutation in a sentence

Example sentences for permutation

Right now, moviegoers are riding a wave of movies that feature insects in every possible permutation.
The interesting permutation in this backchannel backlash, to me, is that it was conducted silently.
The reason is that every possible permutation needs to be looked at in order to find the best.
Each is a permutation of the other, with no two alike.
Add light, in any permutation of color, saturation and brightness.
The officers have seen almost every permutation of sin.
There is no permutation of political correctness that does not have some celebrity's name attached to it.
Especially since each can project their own permutation of policy into that empty vessel, but even so.
As in any system, the logic goes, the higher the number of permutation the higher the likely hood of success.
Another permutation on these suggestions: call your mortgage company and tell them you're ready to quit-claim and walk away.
It'll help to introduce some math in the next post that models transposition ciphers, namely the concept of a permutation.
Law of averages, you know, or maybe it's permutation and combination.
By the end, he has flaunted and flouted nearly every permutation of the martial and marital arts.
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