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In no event shall any dog be permitted in any of the common areas unless on a leash.
Smoking and all other tobacco usage is permitted only in private vehicles.
The invention of agriculture, which generates a surplus that can be stored and also gives value to land, permitted this to change.
Photography, cell phones, and food are not permitted in the exhibit.
Major chemical suppliers are also not permitted supply the drugs.
Grows extremely fast and, once established, can overwhelm trees if permitted to climb into them add to my plant list.
Trucks must carry two drivers, stops are not permitted and the trucks may not be left unattended, industry officials said.
His lawyers are not permitted to see any evidence the government may have against him.
Specifically, the proposed changes would have permitted researchers to own more stock in.
No large-scale or modern-looking developments are permitted.
Under the law, individuals and cooperatives were permitted to cultivate marijuana for medical use.
Members of those teams will be permitted to keep their athletics scholarships, however.
Even then, the bureaucratic hurdles are many, and dual citizenship rarely permitted.
People lived on it and moved east across it as conditions permitted.
No automated entry devices and/or programs permitted.
Travelers are permitted to opt-out of the scan, but are then subjected to an aggressive pat-down procedure.
Crucially, the beneficial effects spilled over into areas where fishing was still permitted.
Hunting is not generally permitted in national parks.
But in some fisheries as many as half of the permitted vessels have recorded minimal or no landings at times.
Only top-ranking generals-four stars-were allowed inside, and they were not permitted to take the briefings out.
Its sweeping powers permitted the police to detain suspects indefinitely.
Each was given an alms bowl with which to beg meals from the local community-their only permitted means of obtaining food.
The suspects permitted the company that operated the boat to carry out its business.
There is no reason outside of blind ideology to hold the position that speculators should be permitted in the commodity arena.
Permitted organic insecticides have a mineral, botanical or other biological origin.
Taxpayers paid for this research and development but are not permitted to use it.
As a result, the list of prohibited and permitted items is mystifying.
In cases where the patient was not able on his own to administer the lethal dose, a doctor or nurse would be permitted to do so.
The farmer uses the seeds for a permitted use and receives no compensation from the scientists.
But those permitted to enter find a bustling high-tech operation.
More durable plastic bags still will be permitted for sale by markets and shops.
Leave your car behind, because none are permitted on this tranquil island resort.
Local villagers, meanwhile, are still permitted to hunt.
Guests are permitted to pitch their own tents on the grounds for a small fee.
We have permitted the over-politicization of our campuses.
Feinting in the run-up to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents is permitted as part of football.
Instead of fixing permitted prices, the new caps will specify profit margins.
Altering the content or subject matter of a photograph is not permitted.
They are permitted to demur and back away from their goals.
Equally unclear is why the chancellor who presided over the hearing permitted such wide-ranging testimony.
He has now been slung out by the first fairly-elected government permitted on his watch.
Libyans themselves are not only permitted but actually encouraged to embark on private business ventures.
Although the mating rituals are filmed, no outside photography is permitted.
Though they spend years waiting for takeoff, they are permitted to use approved electronic devices in the meantime.
Experiments on monkeys, though, are still permitted.
Public employee unions should never have been permitted.
They belong to a privileged elite that is permitted occasional contact with foreigners and their decadent way life.
Our own attendance is permitted but not in any way required.
New technology has permitted the intimacy that used to be possible only within a cluster to take place over long distances.
And the fact that people are permitted to shoot any animal from a helicopter turns my stomach.
So were many others who had never gotten out of the country, never been permitted to flower.
Before you say anything, though, do make sure that the timing permitted the author to have read your work.
They are permitted to remain in this woeful state of ignorance and self-indulgence by their professorial blinders.
The areas where photographers are permitted vary widely among venues.
Mandel seemed to flourish in an atmosphere that permitted a certain kind of abandon but didn't demand much in return.
Once signing had permitted the invention of sentences, though, our ancestors eventually switched to speech.
However, researchers aren't permitted to discuss what practical military applications may come from this research.
Whaling for the sake of science has always been permitted anywhere and without restrictions.
After being sworn in, she was permitted to address her new colleagues for one minute.
Money and materials were stolen and shoddy workmanship was permitted.
The wrist-joint proper is a true condyloid articulation, and therefore all movements but rotation are permitted.
Many other, and more striking, examples of the lack of correspondence between race and language could be given if space permitted.
No student, no matter how much money he may be able to command, is permitted to go through school without doing manual labour.
Wherever it goes, it creates joy and hilarity, and everything is permitted to it.
If space permitted quotations might be made from other speeches here given, for each has its own distinctive merits.
Higher limits on foreign direct investment were permitted in a few key sectors, such as telecommunications.
Their ration cards permitted them only one kilo of sugar and half a liter of cooking oil a month.
Automobiles and other wheeled vehicles are permitted, but they do not take precedence over human needs, including aesthetic needs.
Another objection is that the feeding of cows' blood to cattle continues to be permitted.
Now a mere scooter ride requires body armor, and in many families kids aren't permitted to ride out of sight of the house.
No pattern of questions and answers is permitted to develop, nor do the questions themselves relate logically to each other.
Jamie was permitted to be the official photographer.
Another advantage was the cover that a cartoon provided for humor that could never be permitted in live action.
Managers are not permitted to negotiate deals and contracts on behalf of their clients.
The sudden global attention precipitated-or permitted-four hangings over the next month.
Elsewhere he is permitted to stop up his ears and sink into willful ignorance.
They are not great political criminals, but people who permitted great political crimes, which is something entirely different.
What is elaborated in this manuscript is in no way satisfactory, but it does provide a clue that embellishment is permitted.
They may be permitted, within reason, to err on what they take to be the side of caution.
It's interesting to note that as the number of jobs that are permitted has increased, the average cost of each job has fallen.
With or without your consent, your employer is permitted by law to take out life insurance on you.
But harsh reality is not permitted to interfere with this fashion show.
Last night, the hospital permitted the police to question her.
The central theme of the book is that the ambiguities permitted and demanded by country life are a source of freedom.
He never permitted his musical career to eclipse his corporate responsibilities.
And, crucially, they have been permitted to raise fees-often in a disguised form to evade nominal government-imposed limits.
No resales permitted without paying an additional fee for the new registrant.
People don't resort to vigilante behavior because of some deep rooted opinion that they are not permitted to express.
Pets are permitted at this hotel, but a nightly surcharge applies.
Small animals may be permitted to ride in the cabin of the airplane, as long as their container fits under the seat.
Campers here are not permitted to bring pets, drink alcohol, play stereos or light fires.
And, in almost all cases, flying standby is not permitted.
He wanted out, demanded that he be permitted to return to his home state.
Before you go, however, be sure to check this website to see if public access is permitted that day.
Yet no one, no matter where they are sitting, is permitted to smoke in the open-air stands.
Drinking is permitted in the evening, live or loud music is banned.
But apparently coverage is permitted in advance of such events.
The period when fireworks are permitted within the city ends at midnight.
Lai is currently permitted to venture out for only a couple of hours a day.
Where crossing the lane line markings with care is permitted, the lane line markings shall consist of a normal broken white line.
Any temporary sign not specifically listed as being permitted is prohibited.

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