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It is the largest river in the world that is completely underlain by permafrost.
They show a surface broken into polygonal slabs by repeated freezing and thawing of the sort that happens above permafrost.
Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in stunning permafrost formations.
Thawing permafrost may soak up greenhouse gas before it begins to spew it out.
However, seasons are well defined and permafrost hides here on north-facing slopes and in sheltered hollows.
Research has begun to find the best way to unlock the energy potential of hydrates under permafrost.
The rest is thought to be underground as permafrost.
In this tough climate, bare bedrock is common, and permafrost lies beneath the rest of the area.
Nuclear explosions underground could quickly melt the deep permafrost.
Around one-fifth of the world's land area lies within the permafrost zone.
Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in permafrost formations.
Then he found the permafrost line on a map and found three villages that filled his criteria.
Scientists should be looking at ways to drain the wetlands resulting from thawing of the permafrost.
And as permafrost melts, some steep slopes-and the structures built on them-become destabilized.
Permafrost is frozen ground that can act as glue for the rocks perched at the top of a mountain.
Elsewhere melting permafrost is harming roads and runways.
There could well be a climate switch, which might be as simple as permafrost melting.
When permafrost melts, it releases methane, another potent greenhouse gas.
Microbes might even remain alive there, lurking in liquid aquifers deep beneath the permafrost.
Permafrost warms up, and infrastructure built on it founders.
Millennia-old permafrost formations may not last forever.
Furthermore, natural emissions will dramatically increase as permafrost melts and forests burn.
Permafrost and poor soils make sewage systems extremely expensive.
We know this because their settlements are found in permafrost.
Dug into the permafrost of the mountain, it has been built to withstand an earthquake or a nuclear strike.
In fact if you travel further north the ground frost is called permafrost and the ground stays frozen throughout the summer.
The cold, dry permafrost preserved the remains, and the copper may have helped prevent.
They do not live in deserts or regions where there is permafrost or permanent snow and ice.
For some distance below that line, permafrost set in and pushed the earthworms even farther south.
The mountains are considered rocky alpine deserts with the cold climate amplified by elevation and permafrost.
On land, the subsurface permafrost may reach several hundred meters deep.
Global warming is causing melting of the permafrost and shifting of species ranges.
Widespread thawing of permafrost could release huge amounts of methane-a powerful greenhouse gas-causing even more global warming.
We're not afraid to down nine shots of vodka, or eat cabbage pickled in permafrost.
The city's small wooden homes were built on pilings to keep them from melting the permafrost, which would cause them to sink.
It lies frozen in permafrost wetlands and trapped in the ocean floor.
Glaciers are receding, permafrost is melting, and new insect species are coming from the south and attacking our vegetation.
Glaciers are receding, permafrost melting, shrubs spreading across previously barren tundra.
It is permafrost, ground that remains frozen year after year.
Permafrost is reflected by distinctive geomorphic features at the land surface.
Small lakes are common to abundant in permafrost areas.
In the unstable areas of permafrost, the pipeline remains above ground.
Numerous prominent geological formations, including a range of permafrost and glacial features, are found there.
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