perky in a sentence

Example sentences for perky

Since his medical details are a state secret, the rest of the world can only guess whether his health is as perky.
It didn't help that the preternaturally perky grad students didn't much care.
Turns out, those little guys can stay fresh and perky for quite a while stored unplucked in a plastic bag in the fridge.
Unfortunately, such figures rely on overseas customers feeling perky.
The boxy photos and shot clocks blinked enticingly on the screen, the perky face of the site.
The plant is handsome, too, with shiny leaves and an overall perky look.
They would, unless economic growth proved perky enough to mop up the millions who will be thrown out of work.
Visualize kicking those cancer cells out o' the body, and new beautiful perky pink ones taking their place.
But it is also a symptom of mild paranoia about whether these firms can in their dotage still deliver perky growth.
Our furry friends are as sure-footed, perky and alert as ever.
And here the domestic car industry has been getting perky advantages due to their political strength.
The fronds were particularly perky and too unwieldy for the refrigerator.
Yet the figures have not been so perky as to suggest the euro-zone economy will avoid recession.
Witherspoon is perfect as the perky, annoying over-achiever who leads more than one teacher to destruction.
People are walking around with a perky step as fall approaches.
Their constant action and agile movements, combined with their appearance, suggests a perky and cheerful disposition.
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