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But the biggest perk may come with the morning commute.
It points out the unspoken truth that being allowed to teach less is provided more as a perk than a necessity.
It takes only a few drops of true balsamic to perk up salads or cheeses or berries.
Wilted leaves often perk up if you cut off the damaged part of the stem and put it in water.
Living in an island paradise isn't the only perk to this job.
It's a taxable but otherwise free perk at my college.
However, other indicators suggest that the euro area economies are starting to perk up.
If someone in my neighborhood is playing ball, he will perk up and try to get it.
Washable slipcovers in lighthearted new fabrics perk up old upholstery.
Among those is a big perk for the world-traveling types, as well as a processor update for improved computing power.
In fact, providing this value-added perk is more economically do-able today than even three years ago.
Perk up a green salad with juicy-sweet berries and flavorful blue cheese crumbles.
But few firms are sleep-friendly, and napping at work is often considered a perk instead of a necessity, he said.
To me, this is the biggest perk of relative grading.
Well, insists the government, things will perk up next year.
The main reasons for the additional perk were upward revisions in the figures to do with inventories and investment.
Lawyers' ears perk up at the tinkle of distant cash registers.
They will perk up a suit's dark colors and make you more memorable.
They're all that's necessary to perk up simple slip dresses and tunics.
One of my friends from grad school got right on collecting that little perk.
For people who are not asking for start-up fees for a lab, this is a perfectly reasonable research perk to ask for.
Around eight-thirty, things started to perk up, as people began crowding around the stage.
Except that the rest of us are giving a limited company's owners a perk.
On closer inspection, however, the economy is starting to perk up.
And house prices are unlikely to perk up for long if unemployment continues to rise, as it is likely to do over the coming months.
That's the second perk, because this is not always the case on other sites.
Teachers' political director also received perk that allowed him to be a sub for a day and get a pension.
Fifth, canceling the perk that is the state commission system.
It can also perk up its ears, squint its eyes, tilt its head or stretch its legs to express feelings such as surprise or fatigue.
The business jet, a pricey perk that became a flying symbol of corporate excess, is making a comeback.
Any-time dining with your mate is an added perk, as opposed to being set down at a table with a pack of strangers.
Bringing a dog to work is viewed as an incredible perk.
Every perk, piece of equipment and weapon attachment is available.
For clients with three or four homes, what many would consider a holiday perk may be more of a necessity.
But if the number of homes sold starts to drop, perk up.

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The token woman carries a bouquet of hothouse celery and a stenographer's pad; she will take the minutes, perkmore
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