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He beat a perjury investigation, yes, but he still left the distinct impression that he'd been lying about that relationship.
They are not quite true in the normal sense, but if made under oath they would not be prosecutable for perjury, either.
The difference between perjury and mendacity is not in the least one of morals or ethics.
She refused to talk but was charged with perjury.
Suggestions that a governor should be investigated for possible criminal prosecution for perjury would usually be devastating.
The law defines perjury very clearly.
Nannery, who pleaded guilty to first-degree perjury, had asked for a sentence of probation.
She was disbarred for six months in 1962 after pleading guilty the year before to misdemeanor perjury.
The wicked never shrink from perjury.
The defendants were charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury.
He said the guards who led the cover-up had been charged with conspiracy, perjury and witness tampering.
She did not sign the contract under penalty of perjury.
Why, this is flat perjury, to call a prince's brother villain.
He who has once deviated from the truth, usually commits perjury with as little scruple as he would tell a lie.
The tyrant also urged his respect for the company, and his fear of giving them scandal by a perjury.
They had to swear to four pages of questioning under penalty of perjury.
Davidson faces nine counts of perjury and two counts of forgery.
Recantations are often deemed unreliable and recantations containing admissions of perjury are highly unreliable.
The perjury and falsifying records counts are third-degree offenses.
And that means they can lie to you but if you say anything in the same sentence different, you've committed perjury.

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