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Publish or perish has long been the burden of every aspiring university professor.
It improves one's ability to teach but makes one question the sacred principle of publish or perish.
Another danger is that a worthy experiment with risk-based border controls will perish.
Bleaching occurs when warmer oceans cause corals to lose their symbiotic algae, leaving the blanched reefs to slowly perish.
Cities that cease to provide choice-or which try to overcontrol their denizens-lose their spark and sometimes perish.
New media predators rise up, but other media species typically adapt rather than perish.
That's why it's publish or perish, not teach or perish.
There is no way to predict which clones will thrive and which will perish.
Without relief, aid workers say, thousands more civilians would perish.
We, ourselves, would perish long before such an event would take place.
Their harvest and agricultural rituals, practiced for centuries, would perish.
They don't face stacks of papers to grade or the pressures of publish or perish.
If totally deprived of shut-eye, humans ultimately perish.
Most of us would perish if our modern genetic position remained static during a societal collapse.
Animals that depend on plants for food and shelter will have to adapt to the changes, move to another ecosystem, or perish.
They will do anything to get that paper in as it is still publish or perish.
Once you understand the way publishing works, you are well equipped not to perish as an academic.
According to some estimates, millions perish each year due to illnesses complicated by air pollution.
Let them and their defective gene pool perish if that's their wish.
But estimates of their ages depend on theories of how stars live and perish.
In the process of trying to earn money to support their families, many become paralyzed or simply perish.
But sooner will our society perish in its short-sighted foolishness.
Which is also the reason why in the end they are going to perish.
They must adapt to their ever-changing environment or they will perish.
Additionally, creative writers are held to the same publish-or-perish reality as their literature counterparts.
We are programmed to publish or perish in grad school.
The pinioned prisoner was left to slowly perish in the utmost pain.
And if they somehow perish, the financial impact on a poor family is far less devastating than the loss of a cow or pig.
The biggest push concerns small coal mines, in which thousands of workers perish every year.
Other shoots occasionally appear too, even if they quickly perish.
If you are looking for aid without strings attached, perish the thought.
Yet marble statues perish pale and not always all the way.
The weak and the botched must perish: that is the first principle of our humanity.
They feel also-though refusing to confess it-that they must change or perish.
The public fears that the last of privacy will perish in the information age.
The intention was that everyone who was aboard the colony would perish.
Perish with him the folly that seeks through evil good.
One must needs show joy at the execution of a parent or friend lest one should perish.
To cross it sooner would cause the vessel to perish.
Without play, humans and many other animals would perish.
It is the first religion to offer its adherents the possibility of escaping the flames in which the rest of the world will perish.
If the ramp does not extend to the edges of the tank, wildlife often swim under the ramp and ultimately perish.
Sometimes dolphins fail to take nature's hint and may perish in the river as conditions become less favorable for them.

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