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Yes, but only for a short period.
As waves decrease in wavelength or increase in wave period, they become steeper.
Our metro stop brought us to the city square, ringed by buildings of various ages, many of which date to the colonial period.
New walnut veneers restore period charm to the original kitchen cabinets.
Each room of the house represents a decade from that period and is filled with furniture and artifacts of the period.
Keep them well watered from planting through bloom period.
The footprints and tools constitute evidence of modern human activity during a period that has a poor fossil record.
This is the shortest period of sleep found to affect mental functioning.
They estimate that he probably covered about 1700 miles over a four-month period.
There's something dreary about pointing out the historical inaccuracies of a period drama.
In retrospect, it is astounding how short the period of the revolution's great achievements was.
Certainly, she arrives on the scene after a long period of conservatism and stagnation.
Then came what he describes as his dark period, when he adjusted his expectations and started again.
Now he has transcended both his first modern period and his retro period.
For someone interested in gold from a historical point of view, the late sixties was a particularly rich period.
After an uncharacteristic period of misery, she reinvented herself as a lecturer.
Neither a somber nor mournful occasion, the national holiday is a celebration that typically takes place over a two-day period.
Genetics is now being brought to bear on whether there were non-trivial population movements in the prehistorical period.
Whatever the details, the facts remain that the data do point to a shift in the age pyramid during this period.
Over the same period, monsoonal rains in the region have intensified.
Sniffers' brains responded to sweat made during an anxious period differently from sweat produced through physical exertion.
It was a period of incredibly intense concentration.
After the critical period, depriving one eye of input has little long-term impact on vision.
The thing is, his predictions are not over a long time period.
Archaeologists have a few relics that have spanned this period, mostly stone tools and works of art.
The evidence comes from rocks that date from that period which seem to have formed under the action of water.
They also say these tests could be done in a reasonably short period of time, depending on how much genomic data is involved.
For short period, there is a kind of hole in time in which any event is unrecorded.
Anything that remains hot over a decent period of time is worth looking at in more detail.
But whether enzymes remain stable for a long period of time is a concern, she says.
After an initial two-month evaluation period, the volunteers will continue to be monitored for months or years.
The longer the period preventing a major melt, the less heat generated which requires less cooling.
It was never intended as homage to him, but really to that period of my life, which was really the first impulse of this movie.
In reality, the gestation period stretched over decades.
Their birth and development is what kept me alive through the darkest period of my life.
When you interview someone, even over an extended period of time, you try to maintain some sort of professional distance.
Maybe you want a life coach at this period of transition.
The obvious parallel is to the cubist art developing during the same period.
Even before that the period of relative openness had dissipated.
For six months they had been trying to conceive, and still her period was as regular as the tide.
Demographers agree that, overall, population losses are a fact of the early colonial period.
It is also a pleasantly unpedantic lesson in writing a short, coherent history of a long and confusing period.
After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher.
And that's what they did, over a period of several weeks.

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