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Her perilous dash from sandy nest to open sea is the first of many dangerous journeys she makes.
The last thousand feet down a steep slope of frozen, windswept scree were especially perilous.
The crabs' have a surprising and perilous migration from the island's interior to the sea.
Crosswalks can be especially perilous for the elderly.
Small significant steps in perilous times keep us moving ahead.
The author chronicles his potentially perilous diving search.
History is a guide to navigation in perilous times.
It is perilous to do so, but you can do it if it does not become a pattern.
Jack careens from one perilous predicament to the next.
We are in for perilous times.
The floor is scummy and perilous to walk on.
Such moves are likely to make an already perilous situation for public education much worse.
Every senior faculty member gave me some sort of advice on how to negotiate the perilous hiring and early-career waters.
Sorting out rank in the first place can be perilous for everyone.
Many animals are struggling through this time of perilous change.
In this perilous situation, natural selection favours those who mature and reproduce early, to the cost of their growth.
Four seconds later, retrorockets fire breaking its perilous fall.
It is a bright spot in the music industry's long, perilous journey to the digital world.
En route they encounter a variety of perilous adventures.
There are few things more perilous on tour than a free afternoon.
For the writer, winter is a backdrop to perilous stories of birth and the radiant exhaustion of new motherhood.
As generations of prospectors have since discovered, gaining that inch can be perilous.
The process of moving from the specific to the general is both necessary and perilous.
Between the two countries there is a perilous asymmetry.
He tips her so far forward that her chin practically hits the floor-a perilous maneuver.
Once, a group of travellers were on a perilous journey, in the course of which they had to cross a river.
The center is at the peak of its influence, a perilous place to be.
What is new is that many of them are negotiating that adolescence alone, in a particularly perilous place.
Their perilous situation is attributed primarily to the over-harvesting of their eggs during the last century.
After laying a single egg, the females make their perilous return to the fish-filled seas.
Despite the perilous nature of the work, the efforts were worthwhile.
Stockholders of the oil companies are asking why the situation has turned so perilous.
Scampering across the forest floor, where predators lurk, can be perilous.
Aside from extravagance, gold is also reprising its role as a safe haven in perilous times.
Leatherback hatchlings make a perilous journey from their nest to the ocean, and are not even safe once they make it.
He's seen more than his fair share of perilous situations, but on each job he has to show the crew he knows his stuff.
Trace the path of miners through the perilous process of collecting ore and bringing it to the surface.
Watch a recreation of how the builders might have made this perilous pilgrimage.
Choose your own path as you read first-hand accounts of perilous westward journeys.
But for him the trip raises the perilous question of how much he really wants to know about his early life.
Civil disobedience, however perilous, is enshrined in places that take liberty seriously.
Since it's heeled onto one side, they'll have to learn how to walk on walls and scale the sloping, perilous decks.
That's a perilous shot out of an elder-gun, that a poor and a private displeasure can do against a monarch.
Who had groped as they were groping where dim ways were perilous.
The habit led sometimes to perilous personalities in the sudden give-and-take of table-talk.
Hence that is a blind and perilous doctrine which teaches that the commandments are fulfilled by works.
She's younger and inexperienced, and the adventure she is taking is far darker, grittier and more perilous.
When crude oil prices fluctuate wildly, as they have lately, government policy can be a politically perilous equation.
But wrong happens anyway, it's why prognostication is a perilous business for all of us.
Sharp one-liners are a given in debates, but there is a perilous downside to being glib.
Upon his release, he would have had to make a second and perilous adjustment to normal life.
Nor has it been shown that he had any enemy likely to enter upon the perilous task of manufacturing false evidence against him.
Again, bombing turned out to be perilous for the bombers as well as for the bombed.
Intensive farming systems make industrial poultry and swine operations into breeding grounds for a host of perilous diseases.
Nor is it apparent that doing so would be politically perilous.
Yet, in spite of these preparations, the start is more perilous.
Yet politicians of every camp have found it perilous to tackle, or even to acknowledge, this problem.
Students are considered radical, and it is perilous to concentrate them together.
Under these new social conditions youthful risk-taking became perilous, its penalties more severe.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
Yet sharing one's genetic information with family members can be perilous.
Protecting the otters returned a sense of balance to the system, but a perilous one.
Submersible craft in the early years of their development were perilous to friend and foe alike.
Knowing that such euphoria could be financially perilous, an individual might be able to put the brakes on his or her spending.
Again and again he devised perilous situations for himself to survive and his audience to gasp and shudder at.
Yet he was handsome, flirtatious, and charming to a perilous degree.
Where the straits are perilous, more hungry spittle.
The situation for many exiles, meanwhile, has become perilous.
In fact, twentieth-century trends suggest that disregarding history can be perilous.
Her boyfriend was about to embark on a perilous journey to foreign lands, taking only his spear and dog.
During the day, the trenches were mostly quiet, as snipers made movement perilous.
In a dictatorship, even the simple task of interviewing a subject is potentially perilous.
It's always perilous to use science to resolve festering public debates.

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